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The Running Sensei: An Arbonne Independent Consultant


Getting Stronger with Rocky and Arbonne!

Welcome to my Arbonne Blog where I share how these products and my fitness lifestyle have changed my life!  It's never too late to make time for your wellness so you are not forced to make time for your illness!  Join me in a healthy lifestyle journey!  What do you value?  I value my relationship with GOD, family and helping others.  So my goals are based on that and how I can do that.  Health begins in the kitchen and unfortunately it's my hardest challenge so I'm with you if it's yours too!  I will be here to guide you all the way with ideas for nutrition as well as working out and work/life balance including coping strategies and more!

Tim Garriss

Start today!!!  Visit my site and be amazed as I was in all these great products!  These are Canadian regulated so all those ingredients etc which are still legal in many countries are not included here! 

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My Reviews of personally tested products!!

I used this meal replacement shake mix to help me to winning 2 events in the NC Regional of the American Challenge of the RAW Powerlifting Federation in May of 2024!  I needed to cut about 12lbs down to the 148.8(67.5kg) 55-59 class but did not want to lose muscle in this quest.  Not only did I make weight, but I broke 2 NC records!!!  

During my training, I realized that the goal of 1g per body weight was short.  I tried this pea protein vanilla flavored shake.  At first, I was not game since I'm a chocolate lover!  Who in their right mind isn't?  Sorry not sorry haha!  But, dang, it was not bad at all!  Of course the phrase "pea protein" was almost a quick no so if you're like me, you need to be brave and try new things.  I was worried about the typical pasty protein taste but this stuff actually mixed well in just water and was pretty smooth!

I'm not going to lie.  I love me some Mountain Dew but we all know sodas for the most part is a lose lose fluid.  Am I going to stop sodas?  Probably not.  That's what I want you to know is that you don't have to be perfect.  I'm going to fail forward with you! I'm cheering for you!  That being said, I have greatly reduced my soda intake because of this little packet!!!  EnergyFizz is the bomb dot com!!  They have several flavors including pineapple as tried in this video but as I mentioned I'm a Mt. Dew Soda lover so I love the Mango Peach flavor the best!  You put this easy to mix packet in a bottle of water and WHAM!!  It is almost like Carbonated Water!!!  I do recommend drinking a swallow before shaking it because as I mentioned there is FIZZ!  How cool is that!!??? I love drinking this anytime but my favorite time is in the afternoon when I need a little drink pick me up.  I hope you love it as much as I do!

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