Friday, January 15, 2021

2021 URE Marathon


Yep...  I pulled the trigger on this one after the Uwharrie 40 miler I was going to sign up on November 1st was put on hold...  That race will likely still happen in February but this is scheduled for Saturday March 13th 2021.  As with most life events for me, I need things in my schedule to at least stay focused.  Okay,  this has not been true either.  I have really fallen short of needed training several times in the last 5 years and have been lucky most of those times to cross those finish lines.  My time clock is sort of ticking so it's time for me to get more serious again.  Let's do this!

I decided to sign up for this virtual challenge.  It had various challenges of different distances to complete in the month of January.  I may have chose more than I can handle when I decided on the 150 mile challenge which you can easily do the math to realize that's a 5 mile a day average.  I knew January was a terrible month for me to stay motivated so this would definitely help as I hate to throw money out the door and I'm a sucker for challenges.  But first, I need to get in shape in December so I can.  Oh my...

Just an update... I'm struggling and way behind pace but hoping to double up mileage without injuries...  hopefully I won't need an ultra my last few days to survive this challenge!

In January I basically did a half marathon every Saturday...

The moment I broke 150 for the challenge...

Friday, December 4, 2020

2017 Jacob Wells 3 Bridges Marathon 3B26 Little Rock Arkansas

In 2017, my friend and co-worker Jarrod and I were talking about training and of course running and various races.  This incredible runner buddy has a goal of qualifying for Boston in all 50 states!  Qualifying once in one state is a great feat in itself but he has done multiple states and was plotting out his next quest.  My goal was much more basic.  Sure I wanted to "BQ" but life happens and with a busy family and running a martial arts business on top of that and my regular full time job doing Occupational Therapy at a level 1 hospital's Behavioral Health unit just didn't allow for the time I needed unless I did some serious planning and priority changes.  That being said, my goal was to do a hike or run in as many states and countries as possible.  A much easier quest indeed compared to my superhuman buddy!!

As the conversation continued, he noted that he had not done the state of Arkansas yet.  Well it turned out that I haven't done it either.  So a little collaboration with our bosses aka "wives" and we begun to set plans for this December 2017 race, The 3 Bridge Marathon in Little Rock Arkansas aka "3B26".  Click on this link for more info!

The constant battle with me and signing up for races

I love the challenges that await me...  Let's do this!

My collegiate coach from ECU told me that every 5lbs of extra weight you carry can cost you 30 seconds or so depending on the person per mile.  Well.. my problem is the more I workout the more I want to eat!!!  I eat therefore I run is a common theme but unfortunately I typically eat more than I need to.

Sometimes any excuse not to run comes to mind.  I think that's the real mental part of any athletic feat.  Sure, you need to be focused when in the game or event but it's the mental discipline to train effectively with a purpose that is the real mental part.  It doesn't matter how mentally strong you are the day of the race if you haven't appropriately trained.  Sadly, that is a common theme with me.

Did I mention that I like bacon?

Planning ahead is key when training but also knowing how to dress for the event.  It's crazy how the weather can change often so sometimes you just grin and bear it.

Running is much like therapy as we maintain balance.  As we train properly and gradually become conditioned, confidence and ability do indeed improve.  

I love Arnold!
He is certainly a motivator by example.

It is often weird how not running or reducing one's training 2 weeks before can really feel weird and consequently result in some irritability and oddly I often feel sore from doing less.

Time to Travel

Facetime with the kiddos!!  These trips are great getaways but I always miss the family! 

Yes, I love pizza and beer 

Jarrod found us a place to stay for the halfway point

On the road again...

Packet Pickup!!!

I don't even think I bought anything but I love looking around in running stores

Well... we are official now!

Hmmmm  still light outside so site seeing we did!

Fortunately, Jarrod and I both had interest in visiting this historic site.  Little Rock Arkansas' Central High School would be where important markers in history would take place.

go to this link for more  history!

But first we made it to the museum!

It was a bit weird but at the same time very cool that Jarrod and I were able to walk these hallways while the custodians were cleaning the school.

The night was young relatively so we decided to check out more sites!

I love old stuff and this was a great example of a gas station in great condition

So we decided to check out the starting/finish line area the night before to time out our travel etc.

OF course I just love hills (NOT)--  thought it was going to be a flat course but it turned out that these bridges were no joke. Oh well, let the adventure begin!!

So it was a neat treat to see the bridge lit up!  Pretty Cool!!

Wendy's the night before-- Pre Race Dinner!

Getting organized the night before the race

Pep talk and Goodnight with family the night before the race...

Little Pep talk from ECU XC Legend Jim!!


Waiting at the Start!




Another BQ and placing for the man Jarrod!!!
Jarrod got 5th overall!!!
3:05:10 7:04 pace
21st state BQ and 24th marathon for Jarrod

click this link for the results!

I'm disappointed with my time but happy with my reward!

On the road again...

it's a wrap...

We made several calls to friends in the Nashville TN area on the way back but only one could meet.  It was Emily an Occupational Therapist I worked with in NC and also a great running partner.  

This was delicious and I also got a souvenir Martin BBQ beer glass!  Thanks for the recommendation Emily!

To new adventures!!