Tuesday, March 31, 2020

GMA Training Videos

This GMA (Garriss Martial Arts) blog entry supports various training needed to maintain your health, fitness, wellness, and skills training while advancing in our primary style of Goju-Shorin Karate and perhaps yours too.  Many styles give their own spice as we know we do too so always remember that Blessed are the flexible for they shall not be bent out of shape or as many before like Bruce Lee stated, "Be like Water".  This blog will be updated periodically so come back often!  To new adventures in your personal journey!

Our "logo" of 3 leaves represent what we are journey is about.

The following videos are warm up related to prepare for most typical martial arts related workouts and good for many other activities as well.  Choose one of these before choosing lessons to work on.

Conditioning with Weights

More Conditioning Exercises

Round Kick Variations

Side Kick Variations

Plyometric Based Conditioning Workout

Basic Ab / Core Workout

GMA's Luc Labonte participates and places in Virtual Martial Arts Board Breaking Competition

Basic Hand Strike Conditioning

September 2020 GMA students gradually returning...

The Hammer Fist

A GMA related Birthday Tribute to our style's founder Bill McDonald

For fun... guess the GMA based katas above or use link below

Takyoka I
1st kata in the Goju-Shorin Karate System
Performed in December of 2021

Knee Strike Training
After Practicing in line, Kids trained with the "BOBS"

Pre-Sparring Warm Ups

Conditioning June 2022

March 2023 Warm up and Sparring