Thursday, May 18, 2023

Ongoing Journal about Favorite Eats and Drinks Part 2

Haven't seen part 1? Here is the link!

Fav Eats and Drinks Blog Part 1 

Simply Natural Creamery

Greenville NC USA

Simply Natural Creamery Website

We love it all and even will buy their chocolate milk from grocery stores!  Go check it out!

Raleigh Beer Garden

350 beers on Tap!!!!!

The Beer Garden was a hit and they sponsored St Baldrick's where I help raise about $3000 to help in the fundraising to research for the cure and management of childhood cancer.  Here is that blog!

Steam Bell Beer Works

Richmond Virginia

This was a nice cozy place to play games and have beer that they make right here!


Richmond Virginia

This is the real deal Ramen not that instant stuff! Excellent!

Oh my goodness! I love Sushi!  This was basically a Giant Suishi Bowl! 

Great food with okay prices but not a cozy place.  It was great food in a fast food environment with restaurant prices if that made sense.

Roosters Cafe

Virginia Beach Virginia

Great place to get lunch or breakfast basically all day!!  They had lots of fancy breakfast choices but I love the old school traditional breakfast of 3 Fried eggs over medium, toast and jelly, corn beef hash and grits with Coffee.  

Jade Villa

Virginia Beach Virginia

The Jade Villa was a nice place with pretty good serving portions but was a little pricy for most items.  The beef and broccoli was excellent for about $13.  I didn't see a lot of realistic options for the prices if I had my kiddos with me.

Godfather's Pizza

Rockingham NC

Nice Pizza place with a bar too!  Beers and food are very reasonable!

Roman's Pizza House

Absecon NJ

These guys were super friendly and attentive to create a great eating experience.

Prices were reasonable and the food was delicious!  For a family of 4, we ate for about $60.

Our server introduced me to "HOT HONEY".  When I complimented how I loved the crust and the pizza in general, he told me it would take it to an entire new level.  He was NOT WRONG! It was so good he gave me a little to take home and I ended up buying some I found at a cheese shop on Washington Street Mall in Cape May.

Amazing Pizza!!!

Our family loves Garlic Knots.  We have tried many across the nation and we agreed these night be the best ever!!!!!

Nice way to say good bye... they were soon closing so we got lucked up with a gifted dessert.  That's how you keep customers and why if we lived here we'd be here on a regular basis.  Thanks Roman's Pizza House!!

New Gretna New Jersey

Okay... we love those mom and pop / small business places and of course that means we want to support them.  We came here to just get some drinks and a snack which we did but OMG after watching them make some burgers, there is a high likelihood that we may be back for burgers!

They have their own sauce and it was really good!!

The Mocha Cold Brew! It was Great!

Overall, we loved this place! Keep it up Sad BOYZ

sooooo, we came back and yes the burgers were amazing!!

This was the Smashed Burger, a 2 patty loaded cheeseburger! YUM!  Of course, you can get it the way you want it without their special sauce, lettuce and tomatoes if you desire.  I like mine all the way!

The Peach Sweet Tea was GREAT!!

Special thanks to these men and their crew!
Indeed everything was Simple And Delicious!
These guys are super tough... on kindness and mouth watering food!
Go and get your SAD experience today!!

The Cracked Egg Cafe
Galloway New Jersey

The Cracked Egg Cafe' was great!  Our family can pretty much eat breakfast food 24/7 and this crew met those needs with this late breakfast.  They were super friendly and the food was delicious and reasonably priced.  We finally tried the "pork roll" that is not common in NC where we are from.  It was like fried bologna on steroids taking it to an entirely new level.  Great people here with a family atmosphere.  There was not a large seating area so be sure to plan ahead.

Carmen's Famous Italian Hoagies and Cheesesteaks
Reading Terminal
Philadelphia PA

This was a crowded giant food mall but wow, this was amazing!!!

**Remember this is an ongoing journal so come back again!