Wednesday, October 13, 2021

2022 Blackbeard's Revenge 100 Ultramarathon


OR another race... It's no secret that I tend to make more excuses not to train than one could make up IF I don't have money on a race or a bench press/martial arts competition on my schedule.  I had looked at several options shared with me like the Shakori 40 Ultra Events in December Amy Albritton told me about and the Dash for Cash Events locally for my friend Chris Cash who gave all to defend our freedoms when he lost his life in Iraq.  My wife Gina knows I'm a bit grumpy if I have not been working out so she even found several events including the Unico Ultra Events. Oddly all of these were the same weekend. Hmmmm....

Weird or divine intervention or who knows but this Instagram Account popped up on my feed.  It was the Ultra Event Blackbeard's Revenge which took over the same course The Graveyard Ultra Events I had done a staff 100k and had been an aide station 3 captain with our running group GORUN (Greenville Organization of Runners).  Yes I completed the GY100k of the well known HW12 of the NC Outer Banks and I've even done the L2L50 (Lighthouse to Lighthouse 50m Ultra) but until I do a 100m, I felt I had unfinished business.

Links to Blogs of GY100k and L2L50m

I was still on the fence and curious who else was ready to do this challenge.  I had some ideas but not sure so I tagged and text a few folks.  Some responded...

I was getting closer and closer to pulling the trigger...

Sunday October 10, 2021

Brandon was the Race Director for the original HW12 Ultra the Graveyard 100 so I felt much better with him deciding to do it.  Turned out that he had been thinking about signing up too.  

OH Snap! Time to make some memories!

I pulled the trigger!

A Scene in the Goldsboro area the day I pulled the trigger

Dinner at Jack Brown's to celebrate officially signing up

Wednesday October 13th, 2021

Ok so here is basically where I'm starting...
I'm hoping to get down to 148ish and below 10% body fat.

October 24th, 2021

October 31st, 2021

October 2021 Summation
Run/Hikes:  78.12 miles
Cycling:  24.27 miles (8.09 aerobic miles)
Total Aerobic Miles:  86.21 miles
Weekly Average:  21.6
Weight Lifting:  619,440 lbs
Longest Run:  7.01m 1:17:05 (11:00 pace)(10:46 moving pace)
Fastest Mile: 7:11
YTD Weight lifting:  3,716,925lbs
YTD Aerobic Miles:  773.4

November 2nd, 2021

Slowly but Surely
Gradually increasing weight lifting and running volume...  
Let's do this!!

November 9th, 2021

Almost Sub 10% body fat!

November 12th, 2021
Today I added a new toy to the journey...

The MYX Beach Body Fitness Cycle
The Distance and Speed calibration to my usual aerobic mileage was off so after some trial and error, I calculated that I would divide by 1.5 for aerobic mileage instead of the usual 3 on other cycles and bikes.  It became clear that it was off after only 3 miles were completed after nearly 30 minutes of setup heart zone times.  For my Garmin documentation I would then just multiply by 3.

2021Thanksgiving Turkey Trot & Food Drive

Friday 11/26/2021
Stretch Zone

Tim Harris from Stretch Zone worked me over for my free introductory session and my wife treated me to a 3 month program that came with a couple of free sessions since it was "Black Friday".  Yes, I stretch often with martial arts as well as running etc typically combining dynamic first then workout then static to end but there is nothing like being strapped down and cranked on to push your limits safely without "cheating" etc.

9 Miler with Curt and Charles 
practicing the 6:4 run walk to prepare mentally for the 100m
I'm not sure what ratio I will use but since it is mostly flat a consistent run walk may work well in comparison to a trail hilly race with so much variance I end up running flats and down hill and walking all inclines

November 2021 Summation
Run/Hikes:  68.57 miles
Cycling:  73.34 miles (24.45 aerobic miles)
Total Aerobic Miles:  93.02 miles
Weekly Average:  23.3
Weight Lifting:  373,550 lbs
Longest Run:  9.02m 1:42:35(11:22)moving pace 11:14; 152HR
Fastest Mile Since Registration: 7:11
YTD Weight lifting:  4,030,475lbs
YTD Aerobic Miles:  865.36

December begins...
I will be 53 years old this month!  It's a bit unbelievable.  I've at least been busy and productive but even so I wonder how time has flown by.  Make each day count!!

So me... haha 

Typical fuel for most of my workouts...  Basically Protein, Beets and Creatine...  For long runs, I'll add my tailwinds or mix with Orange Gatorade or Powerade 

December 2nd, 2021

Well, I have lost weight overall but now up a bit after Thanksgiving from my low of 152 last month.  I have caught myself randomly eating whatever and honestly my workouts have increased my appetite.  At sub 12% body fat at near 53, I won't cry about it but I have a goal to get sub 10% body fat and eventually see some ab muscles again haha.  I will likely need to get around 7% body fat before that happens.  I'm not digging my gut right now at all.  I'm hoping the increase in muscle in addition to calories burned vs taken in will eventually create results.

Saturday December 4th 2021

Likely my last run with Matt as he transitions to move to the Charlotte area.  Matt is one of  many who has made ultras a bit of a lifestyle.  He has done about 10 races in 2021 alone.  Of course we will stay in touch through social media etc.  To new adventures Matt!

Matt and I sitting on the GoRUN bench near the Greenville Dog Park off the Greenway.  After I resigned from being President of GoRun, Choo and later Steve took over as President and eventually the leadership committee decided to fold the organized part of GoRun.  There was a little money left and they made a wonderful gesture to give money toward this city bench.

Matt and I on the Greenway

Updates with training and the upcoming Blackbeard's Revenge with Matt and Rachel who is an ambassador of the Blackbeard Revenge Event


This BLOG will be ongoing to show the process
I will intermittently update!