Tuesday, January 21, 2020

December 2019 Dash For Cash

After the Kinston Ironclad Half Marathon when I helped Katie guide Caitlin the Angel to the finish and later complete the Annual Free Greenville Thanksgiving Turkey Trot, I had the Reindeer Dash For Cash Ten Miler on my schedule.  I'm one of those slackers that when I don't have a race or some crazy event on my schedule, I'll likely skip running often.  To keep myself accountable I would go ahead and sign up and ask friends to be on a team with me.  The first one to say they were doing it was Scott Elliott so we joined up and combined the running club name of GoRun with his idea of the Scotsmen to create the GoRunning Scotsmen.  Between injuries and life the following were the official team members.  



This particular race is close to my heart not just because I don't have to travel and not just because many friends were also running but because the race was started in memory of my Viquest Fitness Trainer and friend Chris Cash who died making the ultimate sacrifice to protect our freedoms and the life we live here in the USA and even beyond.  We were always challenging each other once he was assigned to me and later we easily became friends.  This friendship would grow at a greater level as we both were enduring single parenthood after a divorce together.  We were both later blessed to fall in love again and so the journey continued until...

Credit to the Website for the following:

"The 15th annual Reindeer Dash for Cash includes a 10 Miler and a 5K race in Greenville, NC. The Reindeer Dash for Cash is a fundraising event to benefit the Captain Christopher Cash Memorial Foundation of NC, Inc. All proceeds are awarded as college scholarships at East Carolina University, ECU Army ROTC, ECU Air Force ROTC, NCNG Association Educational Foundation, and NC Wesleyan College."


On June 24, 2004 Christopher S. Cash, Company Commander of Alpha CO 1-120th Infantry, North Carolina Army National Guard, made the ultimate sacrifice while serving his country in Iraq.  During his lifetime, Chris was committed to helping others: his family, his friends, his co-workers, his community, and his country. His memory remains ever present in the hearts and minds of those he touched and inspired with his care and generosity.
It is his legacy of giving to others that we strive to carry on in honor of his memory."

A Relive video of my running with Brad and Curt to train on the actual course before the race...

As I approached the end of No Shave November, I had a pretty good beard and was ready to come clean again.  I was happy that maybe someone may have gotten some checkups in etc and at least all who asked me why I was growing a beard or commented meant I was at least raising a little bit of awareness for everyone male or female to get those checkups and take care of ourselves.  Afterall, if we don't take care of ourselves then we certainly can't take care of the ones we love.  That all being said, after my checkups, I discovered how bad it was for me to stop running and hence why I started adding races to my schedule etc.  Tony Parker pictured above had been an instrumental leader by motivation and example to get my lazy rear end in gear.  He started this bridge repeat workout and as much as I despise hills, I love challenges and know my next race after the GMA annual 10k-50k events would be the Southern Mountain 50k full of challenges and over 600 actual steps!!  This workout would now be part of my Tuesday schedule.  Rachel  also pictured above, a leader for Fleet Feet,  will also be joining me at the Southern Mt 50k.  It's always great to share the pain with friends!

Truly one of my favorite all time workout quotes!

Embrace the Suck Indeed!  I'm certainly pushing as evidenced by my redlining upper heart rate zone training!  This of course is not ideal but it is my hope that my heart rate etc will lower with the same pace and distance etc as my training continues.

I'm a sucka for art and these metal art works are all over Greenville.

At the bottom of the bridge, a line up of GoRun Warriors battle the 10th Street Connector Bridge!

Before the Dash, I had gotten several checkups.  Here are some misc data from them.

Typical random posts on Facebook.... here is a significant 10 year memory from running the Dash for Cash 10 miler in 2009 and holding my son then now sitting on the couch with my son Landon.

Definitely love a good workout!!

Well this puts it in perspective.  4%...  even makes me look slack when I make excuses!

slowly but surely cutting fat! I hope to be sub 10% again by 2020 summer!


yes the pictures are similar but so meaningful and important for all of us to take a moment to remember freedom is not free.

Hanging out with Ed Salau!  Another great guy who has served our country and was also wounded.  Thanks Ed for all you have done and continue to do!

Moments with friends before the race start...

Phil would be the pacer for the 9:30 group! Way to go Phil!  I certainly could not be a pacer because I imagine me saying hold up... I need the bathroom!!!



The Captain



GoRun & Couch to 5k Program
Special thanks to Tony Parker and many other GoRunners who have made this program a success.  No matter what you beat everyone who is still on the couch.

Ramir made this cool 5k video of the Dash for Cash 5k race he placed 1st in his age group with.  It may inspire you to run a sub 20 5k!  If you need help subscribe and contact this beast!

Terry, me and Curt before the race

Curt and me hanging out before the race

Cayden is one of my martial arts students at GMA but most importantly he is a friend of my son Landon.  They also play soccer together and we are friends also with his family!  He is coached by my friend Jenny Wilson another great runner and PT professional!


Traditionally, I do a rollover in memory and honor of Captain Chris Cash...  He will never be forgotten and the service of all our military will never be thanked enough.  Freedom is not free.


Me and my ECU Cross-Country Teammates!  It's great to still be able to run!


GoRun Running Friends

Ed Salau is a great speaker but an even better man as he along with many military veterans serve our great country to protect our freedoms.  Ed was also a victim of war with the loss of a leg but continues to motivate and inspire many.  He may be the 1st man to receive a leg via osseointegration in the United States.


14th Annie Randall 2nd female overall 1:12:59 (7:17)
22nd Lauren Dicktel 3rd overall female 1:14:39 (7:27)

Captain Wayne Taylor and Dawn Cash-Salau

80th Steve Camp after running a half marathon with his daughter the day before!!!
1:36:00 (9:35)

39th (2nd age group) Scott Elliott 1:18:59 (7:53)

109th (3rd age group) Jill Eagan-Fechter 1:49:06 (10:54)

32nd (3rd age group) Joe Corley 1:16:05 (7:36)

20th (2nd age group) Greg McKinney 1:13:54 (7:23)

13th (1st age group) Matt Kornegay 1:12:58 (7:17)

8th (1st age group) Jamie Orr 1:10:19 (7:01)

11th (1st age group) Jacob Moskowitz 1:12:39 (7:15)
Jacob did this incredible time while supporting an Ainsley Angel!!

75th (2nd age group) Blair Chesson 1:34:50 (9:28)

2nd Place 10 Mile Team
2/8 for 10 mile teams
27 total 5k and 10 mile teams

The first place team was F3 ENC Cross Bones with a time of 3:40:07 led by my friend Jacob who was also pushing an Ainsley's Angel!!

10 miler Results of Friends and me

8th Jamie Orr 1:10:19
11th Jacob Moskowitz 1:12:39
supporting an Ainsley Angel
13th Matt Kornegay 1:12:58
14th Annie Randall 1:12:59
20th Greg McKinney 1:13:54
22nd Lauren Dicktel 1:14:39
32nd Joe Corley 1:16:05
36th Shaun Hyman 1:17:56
39th Scott Elliott 1:18:59
41st Charlie Kresho 1:20:07
44th Eric Meyer 1:22:14
52nd Tommy Thompson 1:26:31
56th Tim Garriss 1:28:32 (8:51)
58th Alaina Anderson and 59th Troy Wilkie
1:29:33 supporting Caitlin an Ainsley Angel!
74th Kyle Varnell 1:34:51
75th Blair Chesson 1:34:50
77th Kirk Jones 1:35:17
80th Steve Camp 1:36:00
81st Curt Barth 1:36:28
85th Shannon Jarvis 1:37:44
88th Hunter Coore 1:38:37
94th Lindsey Bard 1:40:36
109th Jill Eagan-Fechter 1:49:06
120th Mary Printz 2:01:16

Reward from my wife Gina... Mighty Meaty Pizza from Mellow Mushroom!
Thanks babes!

Next up...
South Mountain 50k
M2M50 (cancelled due to Erosion)
Hinson 24
Pilot Mountain 50k

To new adventures!