Friday, November 27, 2020

2017 Disney Castaway 5k


It's such a blur now here in 2020!  This would not only be my first Disney Cruise but also my first cruise period and my first race on an island!!  This was a free race (okay... nothing is free but there were no additional fees but there were no official timing either)  We were concerned about me getting sea sick since during our honeymoon my wife and I took a small ship from Curacao to Klein Curacao a small island as the name suggests off the coast of Curacao.  I went down to use the bathroom and during that walk I became sea sick.  Needless to say, it took me a solid hour to get it together and finally I was okay to swim with the turtles and rays and have some adult beverages.  Anyways, for that reason this cruise would be one of the shorter ones offered.  It was nothing short of amazing and I never got sick which was a bonus!

Just a teaser picture from the middle of the trip when we went to the private Disney Island Castaway Cay.  I still want to say "CAY" but it's "KEY" ... weird but okay.  The entire trip was fun as we enjoyed being a kid through our kids' eyes.  This was the actual location of the 5k race I would participate in.

My wife, Gina, as usual made sure we had all the little things to make the trip great!  Here are some magnetic Mouse ears for all of us!

Of course, the safe way is the best way...

Lots of fun and parties...  Kamryn like her sister Morgan are rarely in the mood for pictures etc

Shoulder rides so the kiddos could actually see
There was lots of good clean music!

Parents are encouraged to be kids too!

All the food was all your could eat and they had tons of choices.  This was Escargo... aka freaking snails haha... I didn't care for them but my wife liked them which was a surprise since she likes less foods than me!

While the family plays, the crew prepares your room for sleep by converting the room into beds with Disney related decor etc.  It's really neat and helps to make the trip full of memories!  Indeed, it's a magical time.

Everyday they gave chocolates and a new towel created animal

They even organized my wife's stuff

Dreaming about all the fun that has happened and awaits...

On ship, you could use a free app and wireless internet to text and get info.  Of course, that was it.  You couldn't do any other internet features.  That being said, it's a good excuse to limit being plugged in and instead enjoy life!!

First time in the Bahamas!

This was cool!!  But, we decided to go for the coconut drinks.

We are always about trying new things!  okay... or things we do rarely!  First time for kiddos as they drank coconut milk directly from a coconut!!

Always good to take in the history

You eat very well on these cruise ships!  I've only been on 2 and I've gained about 10lbs each time!!  

Kids at top getting ready to slide down!



You've probably seen those resorts in the background in magazines or TV.  These cruise ships are massive!!!

Leaving the Bahamas for the Private Disney Island Castaway Cay where more fun and the 5k awaits!

Each day they had a drink special for about $5 so we simply drank whatever was on special :)


From Origami, to jokes to magic tricks and more... the staff were amazing!!

Another great day complete...

Disney has several live shows in addition to movies randomly scheduled so of course the musical version of FROZEN was a big hit with Kamryn!

Disney has a very safe Child care system with passwords combined with wrist bands so adults can have fun while the kids are having fun.

Arriving at the private Disney Island Castaway Cay!

The Free Disney 5k pre-race meeting

No official timing but we did get an official Bib!

A few shots before the race

and the race begins!

Gina didn't want to do it so Amanda our friend joined me.  We took this trip with Amanda, Nate, and their kiddos.  We are close friends and our kids have a blast together too so it's a win-win!  They work at the hospital too so we know all too well the importance of these getaways and of course workouts such as a good run.

No fee No official timing = enjoy the run and take pictures of the memory!

Not bad... sub 30 despite goofing off and taking pictures

Thanks Garmin for the map of the course!

Yay we finished!  We got some rubber style medals too!

The Final Stats

After the race it was time for some family fun!

The obligatory family picture to prove that yes we were here!!

yeah... I spent a few extra bucks and got Gina this cool bamboo style tropical drink...  

Throughout the cruise, we saw many Disney characters!  Captain Hook!!

At any time you could watch the front of the ship's webcam... pretty cool!

Lobster tails, shrimp and so much more on this vacay!!

This guy was very entertaining... fun for the entire family!

Breakfast with a view?  Yes, please!!

Just a quick pic of the kid's fun area.  Sorry avoiding different view for privacy.

Workout with a view!  I actually only worked out once but it was cool!

You can order some night time fresh cookies and more to your room!

Landon and I went to see a Star Wars movie in 3D!!  One of those times I was glad Disney bought out Star Wars

yep... they suck you in!  If you put some money down you get a hefty discount on your next cruise if you plan it within 2 years.  If you don't then you get your money back.  It's a win-win with this!

There are some nice adult areas and mature kid friendly areas so always a way for everyone to have fun.

When the wife and her bestie get together there's usually either trouble or fun awaiting!

Of course I love some trumpet!

The Wonder had princess power everywhere!  Of course, Kamryn was loving it!

Did I mention how much weight I gained?

What your run looks like on a ship-- or?  I can't remember if I just turned on my Garmin GPS for map purposes or was I actually working out...  

I can't remember where exactly this was but I thought it was pretty cool. 

In summation, everyone should save their money and go on at least 1 cruise.  It's a crazy fun experience.

To new adventures!

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