Wednesday, October 13, 2021

2022 Blackbeard's Revenge 100 Ultramarathon


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Post Race Related PODCASTS
By Patrick Floyd
"Carolina Ultra Runners"

OR another race... It's no secret that I tend to make more excuses not to train than one could make up IF I don't have money on a race or a bench press/martial arts competition on my schedule.  I had looked at several options shared with me like the Shakori 40 Ultra Events in December Amy Albritton told me about and the Dash for Cash Events locally for my friend Chris Cash who gave all to defend our freedoms when he lost his life in Iraq.  My wife Gina knows I'm a bit grumpy if I have not been working out so she even found several events including the Unico Ultra Events. Oddly all of these were the same weekend. Hmmmm....

Weird or divine intervention or who knows but this Instagram Account popped up on my feed.  It was the Ultra Event Blackbeard's Revenge which took over the same course The Graveyard Ultra Events I had done a staff 100k and had been an aide station 3 captain with our running group GORUN (Greenville Organization of Runners).  Yes I completed the GY100k of the well known HW12 of the NC Outer Banks and I've even done the L2L50 (Lighthouse to Lighthouse 50m Ultra) but until I do a 100m, I felt I had unfinished business.

Links to Blogs of GY100k and L2L50m

I was still on the fence and curious who else was ready to do this challenge.  I had some ideas but not sure so I tagged and text a few folks.  Some responded...

I was getting closer and closer to pulling the trigger...

Sunday October 10, 2021

Brandon was the Race Director for the original HW12 Ultra the Graveyard 100 so I felt much better with him deciding to do it.  Turned out that he had been thinking about signing up too.  

OH Snap! Time to make some memories!

I pulled the trigger!

A Scene in the Goldsboro area the day I pulled the trigger

Dinner at Jack Brown's to celebrate officially signing up

Wednesday October 13th, 2021

Ok so here is basically where I'm starting...
I'm hoping to get down to 148ish and below 10% body fat.

October 24th, 2021

October 31st, 2021

October 2021 Summation
Run/Hikes:  78.12 miles
Cycling:  24.27 miles (8.09 aerobic miles)
Total Aerobic Miles:  86.21 miles
Weekly Average:  21.6
Weight Lifting:  619,440 lbs
Longest Run:  7.01m 1:17:05 (11:00 pace)(10:46 moving pace)
Fastest Mile: 7:11
YTD Weight lifting:  3,716,925lbs
YTD Aerobic Miles:  773.4

November 2nd, 2021

Slowly but Surely
Gradually increasing weight lifting and running volume...  
Let's do this!!

November 9th, 2021

Almost Sub 10% body fat!

November 12th, 2021
Today I added a new toy to the journey...

The MYX Beach Body Fitness Cycle
The Distance and Speed calibration to my usual aerobic mileage was off so after some trial and error, I calculated that I would divide by 1.5 for aerobic mileage instead of the usual 3 on other cycles and bikes.  It became clear that it was off after only 3 miles were completed after nearly 30 minutes of setup heart zone times.  For my Garmin documentation I would then just multiply by 3.

2021Thanksgiving Turkey Trot & Food Drive

Friday 11/26/2021
Stretch Zone

Tim Harris from Stretch Zone worked me over for my free introductory session and my wife treated me to a 3 month program that came with a couple of free sessions since it was "Black Friday".  Yes, I stretch often with martial arts as well as running etc typically combining dynamic first then workout then static to end but there is nothing like being strapped down and cranked on to push your limits safely without "cheating" etc.

9 Miler with Curt and Charles 
practicing the 6:4 run walk to prepare mentally for the 100m
I'm not sure what ratio I will use but since it is mostly flat a consistent run walk may work well in comparison to a trail hilly race with so much variance I end up running flats and down hill and walking all inclines

November 2021 Summation
Run/Hikes:  68.57 miles
Cycling:  73.34 miles (24.45 aerobic miles)
Total Aerobic Miles:  93.02 miles
Weekly Average:  23.3
Weight Lifting:  373,550 lbs
Longest Run:  9.02m 1:42:35(11:22)moving pace 11:14; 152HR
Fastest Mile Since Registration: 7:11
YTD Weight lifting:  4,030,475lbs
YTD Aerobic Miles:  865.36

December begins...
I will be 53 years old this month!  It's a bit unbelievable.  I've at least been busy and productive but even so I wonder how time has flown by.  Make each day count!!

So me... haha 

Typical fuel for most of my workouts...  Basically Protein, Beets and Creatine...  For long runs, I'll add my tailwinds or mix with Orange Gatorade or Powerade 

December 2nd, 2021

Well, I have lost weight overall but now up a bit after Thanksgiving from my low of 152 last month.  I have caught myself randomly eating whatever and honestly my workouts have increased my appetite.  At sub 12% body fat at near 53, I won't cry about it but I have a goal to get sub 10% body fat and eventually see some ab muscles again haha.  I will likely need to get around 7% body fat before that happens.  I'm not digging my gut right now at all.  I'm hoping the increase in muscle in addition to calories burned vs taken in will eventually create results.

Saturday December 4th 2021

Likely my last run with Matt as he transitions to move to the Charlotte area.  Matt is one of  many who has made ultras a bit of a lifestyle.  He has done about 10 races in 2021 alone.  Of course we will stay in touch through social media etc.  To new adventures Matt!

Matt and I sitting on the GoRUN bench near the Greenville Dog Park off the Greenway.  After I resigned from being President of GoRun, Choo and later Steve took over as President and eventually the leadership committee decided to fold the organized part of GoRun.  There was a little money left and they made a wonderful gesture to give money toward this city bench.

Matt and I on the Greenway

Updates with training and the upcoming Blackbeard's Revenge with Matt and Rachel who is an ambassador of the Blackbeard Revenge Event


Saturday December 11th 2021
Richmond Virginia

Tim and Rosey
ECU XC Teammates

Tim and Dave back in the day
Flashback when we were in better shape with better hair haha 
ECU XC Teammates

Dave Tim and Jim
(former ECU Runners)

Gina Kamryn and Jenny
My wife Gina also had a reunion with Jenny one of her former Interns now working in Trauma in Richmond as an OT.  Jenny was also a collegiate rower back in the day...

The reunion run and dinner etc was made possible by our son Landon(carrying ball) because he had a PUK Soccer tournament in Richmond at the River City Sports Complex.  This is a team mixed with many different players across NC.  They've become friends and are all great players but not as close as the PGSA team Landon is a member of locally which is ranked in the top 10 in the state of NC.  As parents, we wanted to expose Landon to as many opportunities as possible so this was one way to get him more "touches" as they say.

December 26th 2021

Practicing 7:3 Run Walk
7m 1:25:08 (12:09)
143 HR

December 2021 Summation
Run/Hikes:  32.9 miles
Cycling:  80.52 miles (26.84 aerobic miles)
Total Aerobic Miles:  59.74 miles
Weekly Average:  14.9
Weight Lifting:  405,880 lbs
Longest Run:  10.06m 1:33:56(9:20)moving pace 160HR
Fastest Mile Since Registration: 7:11
YTD Weight lifting:  4,452,145lbs
YTD Aerobic Miles:  921.11

January 2nd 2022

Practicing 6:4 Run Walk with Curt
7.03m 1:14:19 (10:35)

January 6th 2022
First time I have ever benched 250 3 reps!

January 7th 2022
Holidays plus slacking off Cardio = Weight Gain
Unfortunately, I have hit a period of low motivation.  I need to get focused!!!

January 9th 2022

Practicing 7:3 Run Walk with Brad
10.5m 1:51:29 (10:37)
149 HR

January 11th 2022

First time in a few years that I benched 200lbs for 5 sets of 10 reps.  Unfortunately, as I begin to push my cardio more I'm afraid it will become very difficult to maintain my power.

True but my brain has been winning too much... this is the mental part of performance.  Sure, in a race you have to be mentally strong but no matter how mentally strong you are if you're not in shape you can forget it.  This is why in my opinion the mental part is the planning and the training to get in shape during the journey before the actual competition.  Let's GO!

TENS Party sort of speak... I had pushed myself too much during a Stretchzone Session then knowing that I still did a simulation at karate with the younger kiddos that  jacked the knee up more.  Needless to say, ice, TENS and rest for a few days... since I can't focus on cardio then I will keep doing what I can which is lift weights.

Here is a great link to show the challenge of someone like myself who is an endurance and a strength lover all in one.  You simply can't have it all so somewhere in between you will find me.

Here are some example weight lifting workouts...

January 22nd 2022

January 23rd 2022

11.11 miler 
With Brad post snow; run clear spots, jog snow, walk ice...
156HR 43 degrees

Extra Shoutout for my buddy Brad.  This machine has ran a sub 4 hour marathon and has also held several American Records in weight lifting.  He is inspiring to say the least.  Holding a doctoral level chemistry degree from Kentucky is no joke either. Bless.

I don't want anyone thinking I'm perfect etc with nutrition etc.  Here is my recent fav poison.  MMA's Conor McGregor's Proper 12 Whiskey, Mt Dew and Peach Schnapps.  In the background you'll see my Power Beets Powder that I use often with Creatine and Protein in combination with electrolyte based supplements.  I use Ginger for my Acid Reflux.

This is typically not my intention but oh well... 

January 27th 2022

David Soloman pulls the trigger...

January 30th 2022

13.15m 2:21:33 (10:46) 156HR
w/Brad and Curt
10k hill route followed by Greenway and Cool Down Walk

David Soloman
pictured  here was with me during my very first ultra the MTS Falls Lake FA 50k
Unfortunately, he is pictured in honor of Bill Keene, a legend in the area of ultras who died this month.  I met Bill doing the Hinson24 Ultra so you can see many pictures of him in those related blogs.  Sad month, but as David mentions here, he died doing what he loved.  I hope I am blessed in a similar way when it is my time.

January 2022 Summation
Run/Hikes:  44.08 miles
Cycling:  123.2 miles (41.07 aerobic miles)
Total Aerobic Miles:  85.15 miles
Weekly Average:  21.29
Weight Lifting:  477,349 lbs
Longest Run:  13.15m 2:21:33(10:46) 156HR
Fastest Mile Since Registration: 7:11
YTD Weight lifting:  477,349 lbs
YTD Aerobic Miles:  85.15

February 3rd 2022

HS Wrestling and Graduation Class Buddy Mike and I putting in work at my home gym "MMG"
Before this week we hadn't seen each other since graduation 35 years ago.  Where does time go?

It's been a reunion week!  I saw that my ECU XC Teammate Rick posted a run nearby on Strava.  So of course, I sent a text and we were able to workout then catch up more with some beer and our Coach Choo!


The Chart is doing well but not good enough for cardio!! Let's do this Pansy Boy!

February 6th 2022

Runion Dozen with ECU XC Teammate Rick and our Coach Choo
12.17m 2:01:27(9:59) 162HR
Total Aerobic Mileage for Weekend=20.01m
Need to get up to 50+ before my 100m

Rick has been recovering from some hip issues so I knocked off over 3m before meeting Choo and Rick.  Choo also ran some before meeting us.

Traditional Photo Opp but this time with Rick and Choo

Choo and I showing Rick all the ECU Campus Changes

Well I still haven't seen the clown come out at midnight...

It's pretty neat that the original Greene Street Bridge is now part of the Greenway near the Town Commons

Oddly but pretty cool that the Greenway is part of a trail system that connects Maine to Florida

I've always enjoyed bridges on trails

I imagine my times would all be faster if I didn't need the bathroom or if I wasn't so Camera Trigger Happy

Lauren and I between loops running... She is also one of my karate students!  She is super fast and is currently in ECU PT School after running at Carolina on the Club XC Team

GoRun Group Shot

Sometimes I enjoy being alone running.  Just me and nature for some therapy but no doubt, being with others especially a long run can definitely make the time go faster and keeps it fun.  Either way it's great therapy!!

February 8th 2022

The Struggle is real when attempting to increase strength and endurance at the same time.

February 9th 2022

I have had a slow but steady weight gain in my attempts to bulk up before the ultra to continue increasing my strength while also improving my endurance.  This strategy may backfire as now I noticed that although my eating is not always clean the calories haven't changed as much.  I was thinking that I would start to lose weight as I chose to not eat more but exercise more but it does not seem the case.  I want to be no heavier than 155 when I run this ultra.  By the summer I was hoping to cut down to 150.  Stay tuned in.

February 13th 2022

15m Run with Brad & Curt
2:37:30 (10:29)
150HR 150 Cadence
1695 Calories


Enjoying the Art on ECU Campus

Art on the Greenway

Metal Art Randomly located around Downtown and Town Commons

Randoms from the Greenway

Nicely Hidden Trail near old Boy Scout Trail off of and reconnecting with Greenway

When functional, this is a cool place to run through and enjoy the bells ringing with different tones etc depending on which area you ran /walked through.  I usually took new runners/members of GORUN through but lately it's not been working... bleh!

Austin Building on ECU Campus where I took many Stats and Calculus Classes

The Rawl Building on ECU Campus where I spend lots of time for my undergrad in Psychology

Now the ROTC Building but it was originally the Memorial Building and later the Christenbury Building
I frequented this place for the Wrestling and Karate Clubs I was a member of.  Lots of great memories.  Back in the day, a $10 membership got you tons in the club.

Cool NC theme plane art!

Downtown across from Sup Dogs
Rumor of Shaq coming to Greenville

I was fortunate to reconnect with my high school classmate and wrestling teammate Mike this past month.  Our families had a great time at their place to watch the Super Bowl.  I was happy that our daughter's had a lot in common and hit it off easily.  Here is a drawing they did.

I would have to say that their daughter Victoria and our daughter Kamryn were just as entertaining at times!!  The Bengals would lose a tight game with the Rams.

It's amazing how the more I get back in shape and can run and lift better how much alive I feel.  I would have to say that running and working out in general including martial arts makes me feel alive.  There's no question my passion to help others in my Occupational Therapy profession does the same but something about racing that heart is simply amazing.

I must keep focused on the goal!! Finish this!!!  Only about a month left to train!  Let's do this!!

Patti and Madison have been helping me still at the Stretchzone to prepare for the race.

Gas is currently $3.49 a gallon


11.02m 8:2 Run Walk with Curt
2:01:08 (10:59)
142 Cadence 146 HR 1350 Calories

Not too long after my long run, my buddy David Soloman came through so we are staying together for the race!!

Tuesday 2/22/22

Madison at Stretchzone
helping me prepare for the race before a weight lifting session


ECU Athletic Fields

Nice Predator Run while Kamryn was at practice!  I hadn't done any speedwork so being able to push a little was nice and I didn't do too bad relative to my training but my heartrate was a bit high.  So much more to go!!  It was cool seeing so many sports while running.  I saw soccer of course with Kamryn but there was Disc Golf, Ultimate Frisbee, Lacrosse and Rugby on different fields.

2/27/2022(a month before the race ends)
only a solid 3 weeks of training left ugh!  I have really messed up!

February 2022 Summation
Run/Hikes:  43.8 miles
Cycling:  75.2 miles (25.1) aerobic miles)
Total Aerobic Miles:  68.9 miles
Weekly Average:  17.2
Weight Lifting:  552,395 lbs
Longest Run:  15.02m 2:34:30(10:29) 150HR
Fastest Mile Since Registration: 7:11
YTD Weight lifting:  1,059,594 lbs
YTD Aerobic Miles:  143.01

UGH.. this is not going well... poor training!!!!

March 2nd 2022

In less than a month, the night and I will be ONE as I move with forward, relentless progress during Blackbeard's Revenge.  As in past endurance races, my witching hours are around 330-530am.  It is during this crazy mental state that my mind has moved from cones to rods and is attempting to fill in the blind spots of darkness with whatever it believes could be hidden.  Hallucinations can come in many forms.  Sounds, feelings, smells and visions can happen aside from reality and somewhere in that state of mind I must find the will to continue until that sun comes up and oddly resets my system with new found energy.  It's the oddest thing and yet I love the challenges each time.

Just part of my fitness routine

March 3rd 2022

Well, I've failed this!!

March 3rd 2022

March 6th 2022

LSD (Long Slow Distance)

16.02 mile run with Brad practicing various Run:Walk Intervals such as 8:2 and 6:4--  I typically like 10 minute sets because when I get mentally exhausted it's easier to do.
2:58:52 (11:10) 154 HR
Relatively hot this run... 70's

Hey hey... the water fountains are back on!! YAY!!

March 7/8 2022

California Training and Vacation March 11-19th

Pacifa for our 1st California Geocache!!

Swinging Bridge Trail in the Yosemite National Park

Lower Cascade of the Chilnualna Falls

Yosemite Trail to Mirror Lake and Half Dome

Lewis Creek Trail to Red Rock and Corlieu Falls with Nate

Yosemite 7m Hike to the Giant Sequoia Trees

Lewis Creek Trail with family to see the Corlieu Falls

Yosemite Park to the Bridge View of Vernal Falls

Quick Video of 2 Falls off Lewis Creek Trail in the Sierra Forest and 2 in Yosemite National Park

March 20th 2022
1st Day of Spring

RTP Bike and Hike Trail

March 24th 2022


Thursday March 24th, 2022

Friday March 25th, 2022

For inspection, we had to have 2 head lamps, 2 rear red lights and  a reflector vest

We all agreed that the shirt swag was on point!

Pre-Race Dinner and Check in
Joey?  Stephanie Me and David

 I kept my eye patch

Blackbeard's Revenge 100 March 26-27th 2022

The quick RELIVE Video of the race!

-------------------The 1st 5 Miles------------------

Me and Stacey aka "The Ultra Daddy Long Legs"

Jenny --Stacey--Me

-------------------Miles 6-10------------------

-------------------Miles 11-15------------------

This was basically the only indoor bathroom this race.  

The view behind the bathroom

They had the nicest bathroom but basically this was a typical aide station

Acting like a goof for my kiddos as I send hellos during their day of soccer

Half Marathon Completed!!

-------------------Miles 16-20------------------

There was a bit of a stretch with these signs... thought it was a bit odd to have this here

When I see a horse, I think of my youngest Kamryn-- she no longer rides horses but I imagine she will again

Many nice houses of course... 

Lots of friendly aide station workers... I even got the race photographer this time!

Thanks Trivium Race Photographer for the pic!

-------------------Miles 21-25------------------

Many long stretches after long stretches this race

Miles 26-30

Thank goodness for all the construction site porta potties!

1st Marathon Completed today...
you know just 1 of about 4 I'll do this race

This was the point my 6:4 caught up with David's 6:2 Run Walk

Miles 31-35

50k Completed

Ran past the race host hotel and where David and I stayed

My ECU XC teammates' brother's restaurant

Where we hung out for my wife Gina's 40th birthday weekend

This Wright Brother Plane Replica Swing Set was cool!!!

Miles 36-40

Used this bench to get chargers out etc to charge phone and watch

Miles 41-45

I inhaled 4 Hummus Wraps!!

Miles 46-55

I had to make a Mother Nature Call and this mess attached to my leg! 

I was happy about the wide shoulder and high guard rails with all the wind and traffic.  It was such a neat area that I FaceTimed Family and friends Mike and Amanda Bates.  My family was unfortunately sleeping after waking up early for typical soccer events but I was happy to hang out sort of speak with Mike and Amanda.  I probably burned 30 minutes extra but I figured when else would I be randomly standing on this bridge with this view??  It's about the journey for me so there you go... 

Below are the older remains of Bonner Bridge I had to cross when doing the GY100K

This entire dune area reminds me of a desert.  You're nearly all alone too which addes to that.

Miles 56-60

Miles 61-90

100K completed

AS3 of times not forgotten of the GY100

Flashback when our running club "GORUN" had Aide Station 3 for GY100 at the same location vacant in picture above.  It was a bit heartbreaking when I ran by in hopes for an indoor place to sit down to organize my drop bag and change clothes/shoes etc as needed.  The aide station would basically be another table.  The volunteer was really nice and let me sit on a cooler.  The temperatures were dropping and the wind was picking up so it was a bit challenging.

From wife Gina...

Free Wallpaper Image since I had no picture that gave justice to what I saw this night

The night became quite interesting as I hit those witching hours around 3-5 when fatigue really hit.  I was having hallucinations of weird stuff like animals, people and the white shoulder line becoming raised like a wall etc.  I decided to set my phone for 5 minutes and take a short snooze.  This worked great! I was charged and mentally focused again!  Unfortunately, the issues returned later but I thought hey, let's try the same solution.  About 2 minutes in, I hard a door open so I immediately got up in a slightly startled state to meet the race director Richard making sure I was okay.  I told him what I was experiencing and asked if he had ever been so tired that he had hallucinations.  He just looked at me in a serious manner and stated,"NO" "What's your number?"  "130 Tim Garriss" I replied.  I was thinking, this guy thinks I'm crazy and I laughed inside and continued my journey. I purposely turned off my headlamp unless a car was nearby because the stars were bright and there were more than I'd ever seen.  It was amazing!!!  I even saw 3 falling stars!

Day Break

It's interesting how are mind adapts.  As soon as the sun rose, I was recharged with more mental stamina and excitement as I knew there would be no way I wouldn't finish now.

Thanks for the hot cup of noodles!!

Auto Kudos for the Star Wars Decor!

One of the Relay Team Vehicles

I was really happy that the course went relatively close to several light houses!

Picture Courtesy of Rachel Craft

Somewhere around this time, the Greenville NC Fleet Feet Relay team van came around cheering which really helped me mentally as for a few minutes I was able to get my mind off my blisters.  Congrats to them for an amazing race and still having energy to cheer for others too!!  They are rockstars!!

The last 10 miles would be brutal due to my blisters and consequently I was going about 2.5-3 miles an hour

Miles 91-95

Miles 96-Finish

Last Aide Station
with a person

I cheered hard for this guy when he crossed the line!
Jeff Engelbrecht (64 years old) would finish in 31:48:32(19:05)

Photo Credit to Jenny's Support Crew!
Jenny finished with an amazing sub 24 time and still had energy to walk with me before tagging off with their friend and my new friend Tim.  Jenny and I met working at the hospital and have been friends ever since.  There are no words for the appreciation I have for her, her husband and their crew.

Brett Jenny and me
these small moments are big in my heart

Walking with me to the finish was another "Tim".  He is a neighbor of Jenny and Brett.  Him and his wife along with Brett were part of Jenny's race crew.  I'm thankful for this new friendship!

"We need more Cow Bell!!"

Photo Credit to Jenny's Support Crew!

Finally!!!  I was like Geez! How much further??!! I had forgotten how long it was after getting into town.  Well, how long it felt!!

Finishing my 2nd HUNDO at the Graveyard of the Atlantic Museum

Finishing pictures thanks to David Soloman!

Post Race

The reason for 2 buckles is because one is a GY100 buckle.  It had been planned that I would do the GY100 after completing the GY100k but the GY100 under Brandon Wilson ended.  Brandon surprised me with a buckle.  It was a heartfelt gesture.  I'm glad that Rich the race director started back the route regardless of the name change.

ME with Brandon and David

Me and Jenny showering our Buckles!

It's an ULTRA so this only seemed right..... I told Brett several times how great it was too!

Charlotte Corriher 31:37:35:52(18:58)

When one finishes Blackbeard's Revenge, one must take a pic with a PIRATE! Arghhhh!

This was amazing!  He said he used to work at In/Out Burgert back in the day.  He also have me the beer but I saved that one for later.

Savoring the moment while eating my Burger!

Always great to get support from wife and mom!

The Shuttle back to start

For $25 we got a shuttle back to the start.  It was worth every penny!!  I guess I should be glad they set the price before the gas prices jumped up!  Gas prices in this area were about $4.15/gallon and back in Greenville about $3.85.  

Reviewing the Race Status
during the Shuttle Ride

Back at the start, I was finally able to see the Currituck Lighthouse in daylight!  Every time I've been in area, it's been dark.

Back to Hotel

I grossed out many folks with these pictures of my "Badges of Honor"


David and I decided that Outback was a good reward dinner! ok, and because most places were closed!  It is off season so I imagine this area is a zoo during the summer!

Monday March 28th 2022
(the morning after)

The view outside our hotel room

We were upgraded for free after they messed up our reservations

Even better picture thanks to David!

Walking the morning after as we leave the hotel...

I always feel the presence of my dad when I eat SOS ($hit on a shingle).  I always replace the biscuits for toast like my dad and I would eat.

It was great to talk about the race and simply debrief and hang out with David, Rachel, Hunter and Tom.  Of course, we had to get a picture with our new cool shirts!!


1st weightlifting session after the ultra...  I was relatively weak sauce...  Before the ultra, I was able to easily do about 6 sets of 10 of 200lbs.  With a bench press competition April 9th, my attempts will definitely have different goals.  I had recently done 270 easily too but now I'm happy if I get 250 ugh.


Feet are looking better.
I did not "pop" any blisters.  


Link---->100m Results

I think about 85 registered for the 100 but not sure how many showed up to race. Only 53 finished.

50th overall
30th Male

We were lucky.  It was cold at night with the winds but it was 31 degrees Tuesday on my way back to work in Greenville NC

Overall Winner

Justin King 16:46:39(10:04)

Unfortunately, Brandon, David and Rachel had to get a DNF but all of them did very well with over 100k in before doing so.

Here are some results from friends:

Stephanie Carter 15th Overall, 3rd overall female 22:59:05(13:47)
AKA "Queen of the Flocked Animals"

Jenny Wilson 19th Overall, 1st Female Masters 23:44:38(14:15)
AKA "Peg Leg Poage" "252RunnerChick"

Stacey Sherbert 26th Overall, 16th Male 26:25:01(15:51)
aka "ULTRA Daddy Long Legs"


March 2022 Summation
Run/Hikes:  154.5 miles
Cycling:  30.3 miles (10.1) aerobic miles)
Total Aerobic Miles:  164.6 miles
Weekly Average:  41.15
Weight Lifting:  133,165 lbs
Longest Run:  101+ at Blackbeard's Revenge 100
YTD Weight lifting:  1,192,759 lbs
YTD Aerobic Miles:  307.61

April 1, 2022

based on these stats, I was happy overall with my performance; this of course doesn't include karate, weight lifting, cycling, swimming etc

The Reverse Taper

I have to give a recovery plug for these 2 products...  The working hands works well for feet too and I've taken "Vitamin I" a few times.  I'm not big into taking medicine but it surely helped with the swelling.

April 3rd 2022

While in Mebane NC for my son's PUK Soccer Training, I took a little detour to Greensboro to meet up with Race Director Richard Swor.  When competing in Tunnel Hill 100 and Hinson 24, I remembered that both gave awards for those finishing a certain level.  Tunnel Hill have a 50m level buckle and Hinson have a 100k medal.  I ran this by Richard and he was all on board to support.  I offered to pay for the medals of 3 friends who had to DNF(did not finish) the 100m they had registered for but had made it to great distances beyond the 100k marker. Richard decided to support without charging me.  It was a heartfelt gesture and I really appreciated it.

First stop was Brandon Wilson, a friend I've grown close to since we had partnered up to do the GY100.  Oddly, he lived very close to Richard.  I was very happy to give him this especially after he awarded me with a GY100 buckle.

After picking up my son Landon from PUK training, we headed for a detour to Roxboro for some Bojangles and to see my running mate David Soloman.  It's always a great feeling to surprise friends like these 3.  He was with me for my very first ultra with Jeff Dufour at the Falls Lake 50k on the MST back in 2009.

April 4th 2022

The final surprise went to Rachel Craft.  I would meet her after work the next day at Fleet Feet.  She had actually made it to 90ish miles before being challenged by the inability to hold down nutrition.  She does so much for our community in Greenville NC so I could not wait to give this to her.

April 5th 2022

I had finally got on Amazon and ordered me some belts for the HUNDO buckles.  To be clear as mentioned before, the GY100 was given to me after receiving the Blackbeard Revenge Buckle.  My original plan was to obtain the GY100 buckle but the race was discontinued and now there was the new race by Richard Swor.  It was a heartfelt gesture by Brandon Wilson the GY100 RD that meant tons to me after having been the Aide Station Captain for his GY100 and not finishing that goal to do the 100m myself. Tunnel Hill was my first.  So technically 2 x 100m ultras are now in the books!

I thought this was funny especially having a near last place finish this time.  I guess I could count all who registered including the DNS and DNF and the 50th place doesn't seem so bad.

Battle at the Brick Bench Press Competition
Saturday April 9th, 2022
Henderson YMCA
2 weeks after Blackbeard's Revenge I dropped down to 148lb class to win the 50-54 Master Class
(I was already back up to 154 Monday 4/11/22)

With Hall of Famers Harry and Casey Orr

April 17th 2022

Whew, I was weak sauce haha! I was already sore that day.  Now the training begins again!

Next UP HINSON24 in September!!

This BLOG will be ongoing to show the process
I will intermittently update!