Thursday, December 3, 2020

2018 OBX L2L50 Ultra

February 3rd 2018 would be the date set for the first annual Outer Banks Light to Light 50 Mile Ultra.  So why not drag my friend and fellow Goju-Shorin Black Belt Rich Keehn to join in the fun!  We would also see other friends such as John Carocoglia and Jeff Bell but join forces eventually with 2 others and become the "Fantastic 4".

Well as my other insane ultra friends can recognize, the ultra sign up makes it official!

Taking in the sites on our way...

We found a rest stop to use the bathroom and take in a little history...


We found these rocks at the rest stop.  My family would later hide these to continue their travel by way of a Geocache Find...

Rich and I at packet pickup!

 Part of The Course!

The Race Logo!

From our cool shirt we got as race swag!!

Sunset Views the night before the race

Pre-Race Dinner
whew... this place lacked food resources so I recommend getting food before getting in the area.  We were lucky to find this place!

This was pretty good!!

Late planning...

Setting Goals and Paces are always good planning especially if you haven't trained properly!

Now to set the phone alarms to keep me attentive and mindful!  When exhausted it's more difficult to concentrate.  These little techniques have always kept me organized and focused.

Let's get the gear together before bedtime

Pretty cool swag!  I love these reusable cups that can flex into a small space!

Charging the chargers is always a must!

Of course, the Vivoactive Garmin Watch needs to be at a 100%.... it typically only lasts me about 8 hours when the GPS is activated so not sure if it will last the entire 50 miler

Getting organized for the race the night before

Rich is always good about finding places with hot tubs!  Rich actually stayed with his family but at least in the same place...

Good night positive vibes with the family via facetime!


Rich and I waiting at the start... hate it that we couldn't even see the Currituck Light house

The Race Start by the Currituck Light House

The sun rises and Rick and I met up with Bruce who had never ran an ultra like this before.  We talked about our 6 minute run 4 minute walk ratio and he decided to join us.

It was a bit chilly so I'm all layered up!!

These long roads at the beach reminded me of when I ran the staff Graveyard 100 "GY100" as well as helping the years GoRun helped with Aide Station 3.

We made it to Duck NC!

This was a neat building but it also reminded me of my childhood friend Kim.  Kim was more athletic than most of my classmates.  She had even talked me into playing soccer when I was a kid.  I was terrible so I'm very happy that my son Landon is really good at it.  Due to being a military brat like me, she traveled lots too and eventually moved away from my home town.  We would later meet back up as we both went to East Carolina University.  Once for spring break, we took care of horses and repaired fences in Warrenton NC.  Oddly, this area was common to my wife's family and in fact Kim would be in the wedding of one of my wife's cousins.  It's crazy how small the world really is yet how distant we can become too.  Kim and her husband let us stay with them a few times as we have traveled back and forth from NC to Florida.  They were a good midpoint to rest and also enjoy fellowship.  We will forever be friends.

Did I mention how cold it was?

So far so good!

It's cold but the views are great!

Kim, Rich's wife, met us along the way to give support!  Nice hat Kim!!

This was a great aide station complete with heat, bathroom, and food!  Of course when you are burning this many calories, a dirt sandwich might taste good!

Bacon.  Did I mention bacon.  Bacon.

Duck Trail... it's funny how you notice more things when taking life slow sort of speak.  I can't count how many times in my life I had driven through areas like this and wouldn't notice trail signs etc.

I always love the social aspect of ultras.  After all, unlike short races, you're not breathing so hard that you can't talk and make friends like you can when you are pacing for long distances like ultras.  The original 3 musketeers would soon become the Fantastic 4 as Rick, Bruce and I would add one of these runners "Amy" to our crew.

I had to take a picture of this great place where thanks to my wife Gina, I have gotten great milkshakes!!  The only bad thing about the beach is that off season means many places are closed down.  Bleh.

Check out their website at this link below

...and the Fantastic 4 was born!
(Bruce, Amy, Rick, & Tim)

Kill Devil Hills NC

This was as close as we got but I've taken my kids but need to take younger ones again.  Here is a link all about it.  Check it out!

Much love and respect to all Aide Station Volunteers!

The Fantastic 4 made it to Nags Head!!

I even ran past my 2 ECU XC Teammates beach home Ann Marie and Bobbi.  I also worked with their mom Marie at the hospital when it was still called Pitt County Memorial Hospital.  It's weird how you get a burst of energy and smile when you go by familiar or neat sites.

Neat copy of the original Wright Brothers Airplane

Bruce had some family meet him here.  It also brought back memories for me because it was the starting point for my staff GY100 ultra which sadly, I was the only staff member to show up.  Brandon Wilson the race director was kind enough to provide this opportunity so we could still volunteer with others during the actual Graveyard 100 race.  I must say, it is weird running that far by yourself but it's also therapeutic despite the challenge.  I did however get some running support from Brandon as well as my wife Gina and our friend Stephanie.  Anyways, check that blog entry out.  Here is that link.

That moment when you realize you're over the hump but the winner has already been done for a while

Of course, I'll add a little extra mileage at a nice aide station to get a nice view and picture

Bodie Island Lighthouse

Go to this link for more info!

The Fantastic 4 still working hard as ONE!!

I love that the race director did a great job giving us great aide stations with great views along the way!

The home stretch!  Our goal was to try to be done before dark so we would not need to use our headlamps etc.

Thanks Rich, Bruce and Amy for tolerating my love for pictures!  You guys rock!

Bruce's son found him along the way to give support

Almost done!!

We did it!!  The Fantastic 4!!!

"The Fantastic 4"

Go to these links to see a cool relive satellite version of the race route

Thee results... well kinda... they couldn't spell Rich Keehn correctly!!

The Finisher Swag!!!

Post Race Feasting!


Reviewing the Stats

The summation picture... I love the pottery!!  Great race and fellowship!!

The welcoming crew after returning home!  Kamryn, Landon, and Landon's soccer buddy Ben!