Friday, April 15, 2022

2022 Hinson24 Ultra

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Good Friday April 15th 2022

About 3 weeks after finishing the Blackbeard's Revenge 100

Blackbeard's Revenge 100 Blog Link

Time to start training for one of my favorite events

The 15th Hinson 24 Hour Ultra September 24-25th 2022...

Hinson24 Registration Website

This USATF sanctioned event has always been a bit of a ultra runner reunion event for me.  Simply said, I love it!  This will be the 15th annual event.  It's basically a 1.5m loop around Hinson Lake that starts at 8am on a Saturday and ends 24 hours later at 8am Sunday.  The challenge is to see how many loops you can do in 24 hours.  If you can get 100k then you get a nice medal and if you get at least 100 miles you get a Belt Buckle.  So, my record is 84 and last year I got about 63 miles so yep, I want that 100m buckle!! Registration had opened up January 1st at 0000hrs so I was ready and it was a good thing because this race was closed out with now a waiting list soon after.

My past attempts and associated blog links

2016 Hinson 24 84.168m (56 laps) 8th place/323

2017 Hinson 24 79.6696m (53 laps)17th place/328

2018 Hinson 24 55.6184m (37 laps)55th place/382

2020-2021 Hinson24 63.1344m(42 laps)68th/334

This year would be the first without the legend Bill Keane...  As mentioned in the Blackbeard's Revenge Blog entry, it is clear that this Hinson24 race will not be the same without him.  Here is a newspaper article link about him.

Bill Keane

We are not promised tomorrow so make each moment count!

I wanted to share this blog with one of the quotes I attempt to live by.   I love it when Anthony Hopkins narrates so check out the YouTube video above.  Below are the words.

Do not go gentle into that good night,

Old age should burn and rave at close of day;

Rage, rage against the dying of the light.


Though wise men at their end know dark is right,

Because their words had forked no lightning they

Do not go gentle into that good night.


Good men, the last wave by, crying how bright

Their frail deeds might have danced in a green bay,

Rage, rage against the dying of the light.


Wild men who caught and sang the sun in flight,

And learn, too late, they grieve it on its way,

Do not go gentle into that good night.


Grave men, near death, who see with blinding sight

Blind eyes could blaze like meteors and be gay,

Rage, rage against the dying of the light.


And you, my father, there on the sad height,

Curse, bless, me now with your fierce tears, I pray.

Do not go gentle into that good night.

Rage, rage against the dying of the light.


by Dylan Thomas

4/15/22 Starting body stats...

April 17th 2022

1st Run of Hinson Training
with Brad

April 24th 2022

2nd Run after Blackbeard's Revenge
2nd Run for Hinson Training!
w/Brad, Curt, Rick & Rob

Tim, Brittany, Curt, Brad, Rob, Rick, Sandra and Anthony

Now that I'm getting back in the groove, I'm trying to get more folks out for organized runs...

Umstead 100 in 2023??
The registration would be later at noon on September 9th

I'm dropping down well from 165 but my goal is to be 148 without running or being dehydrated... slowly but surely!

May 1st 2022

3rd LSD since Blackbeard's Revenge

Just a fun video from same run

Tim Tony & Brad

Happy about weight loss but this was actually my dehydration after the 10 miler weight... I have been averaging around 153 which has been good but seeing this makes me hopeful that I can work to a hydrated sub 150 weight

Friday May 6th 2022

Mother's Day 2022

Tim Brittany & Rachel

I was excited when Brad told me the bells were back on!  Fortunately, we needed about a 5k more so these ladies Brittany and Rachel agreed to go and check it out.  It had been a long tradition with our running club "GoRun" to go through them especially to initiate the newbies!

May 22, 2022

13 Miler with Brad & Tony

~15 Miles
Brad, Rob, Justin, Rachel, Hunter and Megan

12 miler in Williamsburg

14 Miler with Bran, Scott and Justin

Fleet Feet Coffee Run with my daughter

16m+ LSD with GoRUN

8/21/2022 LSD

Running with my daughter on bike

10 miles plus 1 mile cooldown

14m total
13.2m 2:18:34(10:30)
with Brad, Rob, and Curt

Run For Liza

2 weeks before Hinson24!!
13.5m 2:13:58(9:55) 154HR
with Brad and Justin

Ricky picked me up for lunch and gave me the news that he got off the waiting list but deferred his registration so he could be in town when his mom was discharged from the hospital.  He's now automatic for next year so I guess I better make sure I get in next year too!

Last LSD before Hinson24!!
17 miler with ECU XC Teammate Ricky Chann
2:42:38(9:33) 158HR
Cooler weather!!

One of our pictures from the long run!

Sarah from the Stretch Zone helped me recover from the long run.  I had an appointment at 1130am so I would have time to take a quick shower after the run.  Contact them for a free session!

Found a Gnome at the Dollar Store a couple of weeks ago!  At Hinson, it's a tradition to move these along the course.  It really helps me stay alert and focused and of course because it helps me not get bored!

Race week = get the gear ready!!

Weather looks good so far!!

Last 2 Weightlifting Sessions before the race

Ken Me Joe & Mike

Current Gas prices about $3.20

I made my special sauce to take before the race and again 12 hours into the race...

On the way...
GPS took me a different way this time...
It was a nice change up though and it took me to the camping side which was nice

Arrival Friday September 23,2022

I thought this was pretty cool!!!

My first view of the Lake this year...

Whew!  Before bib etc pickup, I needed the bathroom!

Everyone was friendly and organized!!

This was awesome!  I have so many trail friends here!  I missed my martial arts running buddy Rich and was hoping my ECU XC teammate Ricky would be here but things did not work out.  David Soloman was also in the hospital so that was a no go at this time too.  Fortunately, our GORUN/GRG etc running group mates would be here.  Gosh, we have many!  As mentioned, this race was like a reunion of many friends from all over.

My buddy Bill!!  Unfortunately, his family had beach plans so he was just here to get his swag!  I was glad I timed it well to see him!

2 of my Greenville Friends Jamie and Adam were unable to come so I picked up their stuff.  I had several beer glasses already so I got the coffee mug.  Jerry the race director does an awesome job creating a great experience here with great stuff to remember it!!  This year the T-Shirt would be in memory of Bill Keane.  Sadly he passed away early in the year.

John Richards and his dad!


This was on the back of someone's shirt.  Thanks again!!  Awesome!

Laura shadowed me one day in Occupational Therapy at now ECU Health.  Found out she was not only an OT but a great runner! We have been running friends ever since!

I later got to meet those folks with the cool setup!!

I was happy that I remembered to bring my gnome!!  He would be seen at 11, 22, 42 and 46 miles in.  I took him back the last time so I wouldn't lose him!

Anthony and other Greenville running friends used this table to save my tent spot.  We had a nice set up.  It was weird as it was the first time I didn't set up directly on the trail.  

I had a nice incline but it would later be too slick inside as I would slide toward my feet when resting. 

Another angle of the group setup...

I had been craving a Taco Pizza for a long time since they closed the Pizza Inn down in Greenville NC.  Several of us met here at Godfather's Pizza.  Beer was only $3.  I got a Miller Light since I was thinking of my wife Gina.

The Crew! Stephanie, Anthony, Sandra, Chris, me and Shannon

Time to head back and get to sleep early!!!

Hinson Lake

Settling in but not before traditional FaceTime with Family

Morning of the Race

Beautiful morning so of course I had to take the traditional lake pictures!  Yes it was somewhat cold as the temps dropped relative to the temps just a couple of weeks ago.  I did not want to waste energy shivering so I decided to be warm knowing I would soon take layers off.  By the afternoon, I would be running without a shirt.  47 to 79 in the afternoon.

Despite being very busy, Jerry our race director was kind enough to stop for a picture! Thanks Jerry for all your hard work!!  I was happy to see that you also found time to put in some miles today!

This group does a fantastic job!  It's great seeing where you are on a large monitor each time you survive a lap. 

The Myers Family
Jason and his daughters participated and all rocked it!!

Just a pause to once appreciate the natural beauty of the sunrise over the lake

John and his barefoot crazy self!!  This guy is cool and not just because he has stronger feet than most of us!

Jimmy and his lady would be getting married the next weekend I think??  What a great couple!  To new adventures in love and happiness!!!

GORUN getting ready!!
I was the only one who spent the night in a tent.  Some rented a house and others got a hotel room.


Heartfelt speech about the race and of course remembering Bill Keene who sadly passed away early this year.

James and me reconnecting

Photo opp from opposite side of start with John

Too funny not to remember!!

Had to put my gnome beside Bill Keane's gnome... Your spirt will live forever sir!!

You make many random trail friends out in ultra races.  We are all winners!

A Cooler of PBR was available in memory of Bill Keane.  Of course, I took a 30 minute break to honor him.  He was a great inspiration and losing time to collect more laps was far less important than honoring him.

Bill Keane Remembered at Hinson
Click Link Below

Amy and me at the Aide Station

Mary volunteered for a few hours after she finished running

Flashback Picture Rick sent me of us and some other teammates in a Burger King playground when we were on a road trip for a race running for the ECU Pirates!  Arghhh!!!

Made the top 10 when I stopped but ended up 25th before the banana lap and 29th after the recalculation for the banana lap
I felt good but with a bench press competition  October 15th, I decided to rest up.  This also allowed me to get rest so I could see at least Kamryn play soccer back home.

I noticed by buddy David on the board! He was in the hospital so I did not expect to see him.  He got discharged and started late.  Relentless!!  He joked with Bill Keane's family about Bill pulling some strings to continue his reign for miles at Hinson for another year as David would not pass him this year but was next in line.

Looking at my new bling before going to sleep...

I'm enjoying the sunrise... AGAIN and thinking dang, I could of easily done a few more laps when I woke up!!  Oh well, next year I think I'm going all out!!

David and I took some time to enjoy the sunrise...  He will soon move up the ranks at Hinson

Amy and Moogie!!!

Laura still at it!

Marking the bananas!!

When the banana lap starts, you put the banana down where you want or when the horn stops the clock whichever happens first.  I thought it was cool that this runner placed the banana at Bill Keane's area.

GoRun/GRG/ORUBO/Farmville etc have never done this.  I think it's cool to see where your friends are and then be able to push each other extra laps etc.

David never ceases to amaze me.  He was just discharged from the hospital on Saturday!!  Amazing!!!!!

The Myers Family Finishing Strong on the Banana Lap!!

Laura finishing strong!!  I don't know how she stops and takes naps then restarts!  Every time I stop just a little I get all stiff!  Bananas!!!

The Ride Home

Growing up, I loved NASCAR races and was a Richard Petty fan.  Unfortunately, every race I went to when he raced, he wrecked!!  Lots of history at this track so seeing it like this  is sad.

I would get back to see Kamryn play soccer before taking a shower and sleeping most of the afternoon.  Nothing beats a shower and nap after any event like that!

Celebratory Dinner at Jack Brown's while also celebrating Kamryn' birthday week!

These trail style Saucony shoes did well with only one blister for the greater than 100K distance

Follow up Picture on October 13th
Ended up losing this nail

Packing up...  quick pick of some memories related to this Hinson24 race...  I ended up taking about an hour or so for 2 of the breaks related to honoring Bill Keane.  It still doesn't seem real.  I am happy however that he left us doing what he loved... running and that he will live through all of us here at Hinson and beyond.

From Jerry Lindstrand the race director...

2022 Hinson Lake 24 Hour Ultra Classic

This year’s event was a complete success and had very little if any glitches. We had 387 participants from 16 states with their families and friends, converge in Rockingham for the 16th annual event. The number of participants is one (1) short of the record 388 set in 2019. I’m sure Richmond County and the city of Rockingham is happy as there were 82 participants that indicated when they registered that they would be staying overnight in our local hotels. Being as we did not offer a pre-race pasta dinner this year, many chose to dine in the local restaurants.

The weather was spectacular on Saturday with a high of 81F and a low that was 54F. The trail and bridges were in great shape thanks to the City of Rockingham Maintenance department.

Participant ages spanned from 5-78 and the gender breakdown was 56% female & 44% male. The overall winner, Chris Ardis from Rock Hill, SC accumulated 100.4548 miles and the top female winner, Karen Ritchie from Denver, NC amassed 90.1920 miles. Shannon Johnstone of Cary, NC won the 100k in a time of 12:30:41 and Chris Ardis was the male winner with a time of 13:31:27.

Chip Long of Rockingham, NC and Laura MacLean of Faison, NC were the Mangum Track Club winners of both the 24 hour and the 100k. Chip Long amassed 96.9794 miles had a time of 13:59:03 in the 100k. Laura MacLean amassed 82.9557 miles and had a time of 14:56:51 for the 100k.

This event could not be the success it is without the tireless work from our volunteers. My wife, Connie puts up with my obsession to make sure every “i” is dotted and “t” is crossed. She handles packet pickup with help from her sister Chris Koller and many other volunteers. The aid station is very well managed by Missy Smith, Mark and Amanda Thurman and a host of volunteers. Michelle Butler & Melissa Dennis man the kitchen throughout the night making sure there is plenty of Ramen Noodles, soups, grits etc. as well as helping out in the aid station. Catherine Dennis “Strong-Armed” her fellow members of the Richmond Senior High School Beta Club to volunteer in the aid station which helped tremendously. Many thanks to all who volunteered to help keep the participants well hydrated and fed.

This year was bitter sweet as earlier this year a dear friend to the ultra-running community passed away doing what he loved most, running. Bill Keane participated in all of the 15 previous Hinson Lake 24 Hour Ultra Classic events and had amassed 1,154.4422 combined miles. This year’s shirt design was dedicated to Bill’s memory and everyone also received a coin with the image of Bill and the logo of his running club, Ultra Runners From Hell, “Suck It Up Buttercup”. Bill’s family was also in attendance and we arranged for Ben Benjamin to bugle “Taps” at sundown in front of Bill’s camp space which was always in the same location. Bill will be missed but not forgotten.

Plans for next year are already taking place with minor tweaks in aid station supplies, shirt design, prizes etc.

September 30, 2023 will be here before you know it


Kudos to  Us!! 
(Me and those I've connected with plus Running Friends!!!!) 500 registered; 387 Raced! Orange are local friends!

1 Chris Ardis
2 Chip Long
6 Laura MacLean
9 Bailey Tate
11 Justin Tylus
28 Stephanie Hannom
29 Tim Garriss
46 Sandra Whitehead
47 Chris Scott
48 Jessica LaFevers
49 Shannon Jarvis
50 Anthony Whitehead
61 Jennifer Price
73 Amy Campbell
89 Elton Smith
92 Jason Myers
96 Stephanie Carter
124 James Bryant
127 John Richards
132 Lucy Myers
141 Linsey Eudy
190 Jerry Lindstrand
191 Rosemary Baxley
197 Eleanor Myers
216 Missy Barrow
221 Scott Dean
236 Deborah Gardner
272 Mary Scott
275 Jimmy Ballard
281 David Solomon
298 Richard Llley
318 Penny Cavendish
374 George Wannop

This was my 5th Hinson24 Ultra
29th/387/500 44 Laps 66.1408m

Total Laps at Hinson24=232
Total Miles at Hinson24=348.7312

Relive Version of the 2022 Hinson24 Ultra

1st Long Run after Hinson24

This blog will be updated periodically so check back once in a while... still need to make movie and do type up some stuff with the pictures!!