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2024 Hinson 24 Ultramarathon


So here I am again planning to do another Hinson24 Ultra event!  Below are past blogs of my adventures.  Obviously, I like this event as I now train for my 7th one!  This time I will be sharing this adventure with several usual suspects from G-Vegas and beyond but this year I'm very excited to be sharing this experience with several ECU XC teammates.  Follow me in this journey!  Let's go!

My First 6 Hinson24 Event Blogs

2016 Hinson 24 84.168m (56 laps) 8th place/323

2017 Hinson 24 79.6696m (53 laps)17th place/328

2018 Hinson 24 55.6184m (37 laps)55th place/382

2020-2021 Hinson24 63.1344m (42 laps)68th/334

2022 Hinson24  66.1408m (44 Laps) 29th/387/500

2023 Hinson24  27.1946m(18 Laps) 275th/418/500

Current Total Miles as of 2023=375.9258
Current Total Laps as of 2023=250

Before event registering, I was already dealing with left knee issues...

March 3rd Update

Well, I finished the month of February with a whopping 18.58 miles. YAY... haha.  My knee is still healing up but no longer painful however one of my running mates, Rob, said he still noticed a limp in my stride.  Meanwhile, now my right knee has been swelling a bit so I guess my check engine light stays on reminding me of what my friend, Thad, once said.  "Tim, we are in a state of constant disrepair".  Bless.  Keep in mind we were only like around 40 at the time and this year I'm turning 56.  Yikes.  Anyways, my first 10k of the month was today at 1:02:09 or about a 10 minute pace.  My average heart rate was 159.  For me this is a bit sad but I'm just happy to be running again.  Now if we can all stay healthy so this epic race reunion happens!

Rick reported that his elbow was indeed broken from a fall he had running last Saturday February 24th.  UGH!  Despite the news as well as job related news, he quote, "so I made lemonade:  123 miles on bike trainer and 17.25 miles walked.  I'm calling it a positive week."

March 4th Update

Tony reported, " I did 28 miles for the week but only 17 miles ran.  Doing a recovery week this week, focusing on stretching and core.  Calling PT for hamstring this morn."

Kyle reported, "I  just scored 5-8 foot waves off a reef in Dominican Republic"  "Ripped off a metal roof then put a new one on"  "Been pouring concrete a couple of days" "No running just surfing last 5 days" "I'll quote on earlier text 'we've still got time'"  "I do need a good PT"

We all shared our excitement about hanging out again.  As you can imagine, the memories together and the ones to be made are priceless.  This race is just a way to get us together for an epic reunion.

March 6th Update

I decided to text Choo, Sean, David, Blake, Rosey and Brian so far to see if anyone wants to join in the fun...  Rosey is getting married in Duck NC near that time so it's a no go for her.  We shall see about the others...

March 10th Update

Tony was the first one to chime in and actually did so a day early on the 9th!  He finished  what he reported to be a recovery week with a 10k in the rain.  "felt older this week with lower mileage than the previous" "Hamstring is tight but hasn't gotten worse" He hasn't been able to get PT as his PT is out with a shoulder injury.  He is planning to get an alternate and get new shoes.

Kyle just got back from the Dominican Republic.  "Did mile & half on treadmill after hitting arms & back" "I desperately need new shoes!" "Been running the last year in Mizuno Wave Horizons:

Rick:  as of the 9th he had "86 miles on bike trainer" "13 miles walked briskly"  "Don't tell the Dr, did a 2 min run, 3 min walk for 12.34 miles this am" "elbow getting better but needs more time" "job search/networking" "picking up a little steam"

I told the guys I had invited some others but no confirmations yet.  My left knee is feeling much better but now my right knee is swollen most of the week after my relatively strong 10k and 1m walk.  Kicking at karate probably didn't help.  I'm lifting well though and got a personal record at home with a 117.5lb strict curls which was higher than the 114 and change state record I set at the last competition.  My year to date resistance training is now at 750,397.9 lbs but sadly my aerobic mileage is only at 35.58 miles.  I'm frustrated but still hopeful.  Arghhhh.

March 17th Update

Tony:  "Scored 30 miles this week"  as he showed a pic of a purple toe after a furniture battle... He has an appointment set for an ortho doc April 2nd. He thinks he may have a fracture bleh!  I told him and the group that purple toes and losing toe nails in ultras were badges of honor... versus furniture not so much and instead simply sucks!

Rick: He shared losing some training time due to dental work but he managed, "30 miles running with 16 coming today"

Tim:  I chimed in to say "I suck" "right knee intermittently swelling up" "Frustrated but hopeful since I still can 'run' on it" I now have a total for the year of just 42.91m and a lifting total of 833,112.9lbs

Kyle:  He basically laughed at himself while sharing that he ran for 3 days of 1.8, 1.2 and 1.5.  "no waves ridden - flat" "drove 642 miles" "I start PT this afternoon and hopefully get stronger and come back healthy" In true Sully form he then shared "I left a purple toenail I pulled off on Rick's pillow today next to his face while he was sleeping"

Everyone laughed as Kyle reminded us of some old days goofing off as I shared, "good news is we are making new memories" and Kyle stating, "ever onward".

Let's Go!

March 18th

I had to wish Rich, my usual partner in crime with running as well as martial arts, a happy 50th welcoming into the cool kids club!  He shared that he's in for Hinson24 too with a plan for 70 miles!!! I shared my goal of beating by 84+ record but that I wanted to at least get that 100k medal.  Rich then replied, "I guess I better start running to get ready for September".  After sharing my ongoing knee issues he admitted that, "That sucks. I'm going to an acupuncturist on Tuesdays and the chiropractor on Thursdays" "Embrace the SUCK right??"  I then added, "You're now an expert of being comfortable with being uncomfortable" with him replying, "No doubt. Take care of those knees so we can get PRs at Hinson"  We ended with me replying, "For sure! Let's go!"

March 24th

Tim:  Right knee still swelling; YTD 50.26 miles; YTD 932,622lbs; continued good cross training with karate; "I'm in desperate need of increasing weekly aerobic mileage" "sending positive vibes to you all as we continue! Let's go!!"

Tony: Hang in there sir!  Are you able to cross train on bike or swim?

Tim:  yes! Can bike... no current pool access or time to use

Kyle: 7 miles for the week with a 2 mile long run; 2 days in the gym; surfed yesterday; "just got new shoes delivered so I'm definitely committed to training"

Rick:  41.6 run miles for he week; 18.3 miles today

Tony: Go Rick!  There's no keeping superman down!

Tony:  XRAY confirmed distal phalanx #4 fractured; the good news, no separation.  Walked a couple of miles.  Ortho says I can walk and ease back into running in a couple of weeks.  Perhaps the rest will also benefit the hamstring problem?

Rick: You know the cause of the issue now so you can fix it and build back stronger.  Rest up and stay positive.  Plenty of time ahead of us for Hinson.

Kyle: Banking on "plenty of time ahead" Have a great week boys

Tim:  Isn't getting older so much fun? Sorry to hear that Tony but now like Rick said, you can move forward.  The rest will certainly help the hamstring.  Hamstring issues are often a result from weak glutes so take this time to work on that as well as rolling, gentle ROM and strengthening.  Lots of time. We got this! Undaunted.

Tony:  Thx for the encouragement, gents! I should be seeing the ortho re: the hamstring next Wed.

Kyle:  Good advice Tim; the rolling and lacrosse ball tissue massage has made a big difference; "Getting Old is Epic"

Tony:  Isn't that right? Some of the comments on that topic from my son just make me laugh.

Kyle:  Stand your ground- don't let them call you a Boomer!!

Tony:  It's funny because I said the same ignorant stuff back in the day.  I remember cracking on the old guys at the Sunday morning long run back in G'ville.  Now I'm the old guy.

Tim:  Indeed getting old is Epic! Certainly better than the alternative!  The greater our challenges, the greater our stories and glory!

April 1st

Tony:  walked 20 miles last week with ortho's permission; appointment with ortho for hamstring on Wednesday if jury duty permits.  Go Pack!

Kyle:  Morning fellas; hope your Easter was a sweet time with family and friends celebrating Jesus resurrection; 6.6 miles of running; 2 days in the gym; got sick and lost 5lbs; leaving for Puerto Rico taking 25 students on a mission trip with construction and surfing bonus; love you guys.. have a blessed week

Tony: Family time was awesome this weekend. Truly a blessing; have a safe trip sir! Will send up a prayer for safe return.

Tim: lots of adventuring for Spring Break; stayed in NJ as a base but spent day in NYC and another day in Philly with several trips between to NJ Zoo, lighthouses and finding Geocaches! Knees slowly but surely improving... YTD = 50.26 miles YTD= 957,322lbs; Much love to all! Go Pack!  (in an unusual string of events, the NC State Men and Women are both in the Final 4)

Rick: Miles last week:  36.6 with a 16 miler Friday; Flew to Ireland to visit my daughter doing a semester there; signed for a marathon in 2 weeks that I've been wanting to run in honor of my Mom; nowhere near properly trained but will run walk and enjoy the day, hopefully; getting in Irish hills now though.

Kyle: I love geocaching Tim! Ireland is a bucket list destination for me Rick; Tony you're just freaking awesome; stoked on the time t reconnect with y'all

Tim:  I recommend everyone getting the RELIVE app! Rick, you definitely should while there!!  It's been good for my soul to have you all in my life... what blessings

April 3rd

I ended up sharing the schedule for this weekend's 10th annual Bill Carson Invitational which is a home ECU Track and Field Event.

Rick:  how nice it would of been to have a home track meet. 4 years of college track and 4 years of XC I only had 2 home races, both in XC; one in CT and one at ECU.

Tony: Yeah, we don't get the screaming fans... but I love distance running though.  no time outs, no substitutions, no yelling coach, certainly no cheerleaders-- the motivation has to come from within and the race is own or lost months in advance...

April 7th

Tim:  still trying to figure out this knee (now right)... either way I need to improve endurance somehow so I started cycling; YTD Running:  50.26; YTD Cycling:  13.95(4.65); YTD Aerobic Mileage:  54.91; YTD Resistance Training: 1,059,856.6

Weather is warming up! Let's go!!

Tony:  walked 22 miles last week; Ortho shot Xray of hamstring and wants MRI next; looking forward to rehab

Rick: 36 miles run; a lot of hours spent in cars and planes traveling from Ireland to Boston to NJ after second leg of our flight was cancelled and the drive to upstate NY to see eclipse today.. taper next week for marathon Sunday

Tony:  What a whirlwind! Welcome back sir.  Any pain from injuries?

Rick:  "I've got pains all over my body"

Tim:  Rick is Relentless!!  Basically, giving the universal sign to all the broken bones and other challenges!!  Tony, you are a machine.  You shall be back!  May we all remain Undaunted Arghhhh!

Kyle:  just got back from Puerto Rico; surfed almost every day for 1-2 hours; worked on some construction projects in some tropical conditions the whole week; no running but lots of moving; appreciate you guys; have a great day

Tim: Kyle!! Excellent all around! Surfing will make you CrossFit quick! Heck, I'm sore just thinking about 15 minutes of surfing! Let's go!!

Tony: Yep.  We're dealing with the yellow haze and injuries while Kyle rips off of PR surfing.

Rick:  Literally on a run now and these are my conditions(showring a wide snow filled path).

Tony:  Nasty.  Sorry I complained about the yellow haze.

Kyle:  The yellow haze is our snow

April 14th

Kyle:  YO Brothas!!  Last week 8.3 miles running; 3 hours surfing; 3 gym workouts; PT is going well--feeling stronger and pain is lessening; Grateful

Rick:  (did a marathon in honor of his mom) 4:13 9:37 pace

Tim:  Great news Kyle!! Rick! WOW! That's an amazing time and heart rate for minimal training! What a great honor to run in your mom's memory!!

Tim:  Knee pain was no fun bleh; Forward Relentless Progress; YTD Runs/Hikes 55.79; YTD Cycling:  13.95(4.65); YTD Aerobic Mileage:  60.44; YTD Resistance Training:  1,144,912.7lbs

Tony:  You Rock Rick Sir! Here's to an amazing run for your mom! Rick, I dedicated my Baldrick's fundraiser on Saturday to my mom, a cancer survivor who passed in January...  Kyle, glad to hear progress on mileage and PT.  Tim, are you seeing a PT?

Tony:  As for me, 22 miles walked last week.  MRI confirmed tendinosis plus partial tear of hamstring, along with tear of hip labrum.  Bonus: signs of OA in lumbar spine; seeing the ortho this afternoon for treatment plan

Tim:  Sending positive vibes to all especially Tony this week! Stopped seeing PT after left knee healed... Honestly, as an OT, it's basically the same ole except for dry needling etc which I don't know if that really helped.. Sarah my PT is awesome though and gave great advice etc and of course I will revisit if things don't progress...

Kyle: love you guys... at our age...pain, tears and prayers...

Tony:  After going it alone for 6 months, I'm ready for pro help. IMO they are objective and know when to rest vs when to push

Tim:  True but I'm a therapist so I know but unfortunately, I don't always practice what I preach and compliance may not happen regardless of what they tell me..laughs

April 28th

May 7th

This video has my long run with Brad plus updates etc at end...
YTD Run/Hike/Sport= 85.16
YTD Cycling = 35.85(11.95)
YTD Aerobic Mileage=97.11
YTD Resistance Training=1,404,475lbs

1st 5k in Ages
ran with Landon!
Run with The Bears 5k
Plymouth NC
1st Day of Annual GoRun Summer Streak
June 1st, 2024

11 miler with Brad & Curt
I'm definitely out of shape and running the 5k yesterday did not help haha... Happy that my knees are okay despite some swelling... 
2 days of Annual GoRun Streak done!
June 2nd, 2024

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