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2023 Hinson 24 Ultramarathon


It's hard to believe that this will be my 6th Hinson24 Ultra Event!  It will be the 17th  Hinson24 event.  An ultra is basically any distance longer than the traditional marathon distance of 26.2 miles but usually we think of an ultra being a distance of 50k(31m) or longer.  So far I've ran 20 Ultras and 33 marathons or greater distances. A 24 hour race could be any distance you decide because it is whatever you can do in 24 hours.  This particular race is a 1.5032m lap around Hinson Lake and will take place on Saturday September 30th at 8am and end on Sunday October 1st at 8am.

Here is their site for more details Registration and Info Site

So far my Hinson24 totals are:

Total Laps at Hinson24=232

Total Miles at Hinson24=348.7312

My First 5 Hinson24 Event Blogs

2016 Hinson 24 84.168m (56 laps) 8th place/323

2017 Hinson 24 79.6696m (53 laps)17th place/328

2018 Hinson 24 55.6184m (37 laps)55th place/382

2020-2021 Hinson24 63.1344m (42 laps)68th/334

2022 Hinson24  66.1408m (44 Laps) 29th/387/500


I wanted to start with this video because this was the day after our 15th anniversary of GORUN (Greenville Organization of Runners) a club of endurance athletes and/or simply those wanting better health and what I would quickly call "therapy" that I helped to co-found.

This was a great day as I continue to see my son, Landon grow into a man.  Unintentionally, he got a PR on his 10k and a PR distance of 8 miles + as we endured a 7 minute run 3 minute walk interval training day.  Brad, a rock of consistency through the early days of me running again and starting GoRun was with us.  Brad and I met when I helped Todd Cochran a North Pitt Wrestling Coach at the time do a wrestling camp for youth at DH Conley HS.  His son Mason was one of the youth wrestlers.  Now Landon is a Freshman in high school and Mason is in Med School!!  Our daughter Morgan was in GoRun with Mason when they were young.  She is now an accountant and out youngest, Kamryn, is in the 5th grade!  Don't blink!  

The Greenway has been torture at times with these Deer Flies!

UGH!! My ECU XC teammate Rick is out for another year after a bike accident.  OUCH!!

Meanwhile I have no clue what is going on with my left knee!!!!

August 28th

Justin E moving up the list!

August 30th

Good News From Rod!

September 1st

Justin E moving up!


Justin next up!

Recent Questions from our GoRun Group

If you want a good parking spot of choice you need to be there by Friday by noon but you'll get a good spot if you get there by 3pm. You are likely not able to park at start but you can park near the course access near the start where most of us also camp.  

T=Porta Potties
(the building has real bathrooms to use too but once the race start it's best not to waste mileage)
AS= Aide Station

C=good camping area

There are plenty of goods at the aide station but if you are like me, you want quick access to your personal battery packs, nutrition supplements, clothes etc.  I would bring a tent even if you don't plan on staying Friday night or sleeping any Saturday night.  I put my tent close off the race route for quick and easy usage.  I recommend camping for the full experience and of course in case you have car or wakeup issues, you are already there.  We usually go to a local restaurant Friday night and get our last beer and good eats in.  It will be hard to go to sleep but definitely try to go to bed as soon as you can after eating etc.  Yes you can have a grill etc.  Some even bring coolers and generators etc.  It's a big ole fun reunion of ultra and newbie runners!  IF you want to go for 100m, you'll need about a 14 minute and some change pace.  

"Forward Relentless Progress"
"Walk early, Walk Often"

As mentioned, your chance of a good camping spot decreases the later you arrive. See map above for camping, bathrooms etc.  You will pick up your race package at that building.  You want to get early to avoid too much hiking with gear etc.  I bring our beach wagon.

Yes earbuds etc are ok.  Don't forget battery chargers, head lamps, bug spray, sunscreen etc.  You will pass bathroom/porta potties every lap about 1.5m.  My Garmin is good for about 12 hours so I bring battery packs to keep it charged.  The course has a small area of sand about a quarter mile that as Sandra mentions will be a nice area to have gaiters but honestly it's not a hardcore course and any running shoe will be nice.  If it's not broken don't fix it.  In other words if you don't have blister issues then don't change shoes.

Again with all this, everyone is different.

As mentioned, you can bring a grill and even fish etc.  It's a good time but there will be plenty of food for the runners.  Of course due to crowding, anyone else is asked to get a race entry which would cover food etc at aide station.

There are many schools of thought regarding strategy.  I've seen some not even start the race to later in the day.  I've seen some not run during the hot afternoon.  The key in my opinion is keep your heart rate low but mix in different gait patterns to change muscles used off and on.  I like to do a 6 minute run then 4 minute walk because when you are exhausted it's easier to remember 10minute  sets.  Bert Kelley did well and hit 100 doing 5 minute run 5 minute walk.  The race starts about 2am.  Many will change those goals but remember it's a 24 hour race so as Jimmy said, keep moving!  Forward Relentless Progress.  I agree with him about lots and especially the stopping will definitely make it harder than to just keep going.

thoughts from James before the ultra... 

A little plug for 2 of my poisons... I have a weight lifting competition Saturday September 9th so I need to make my weight class so I may be a bit HANGRY

Another great meet with 2 more 1st place finishes... next up is Worlds in VA Beach November 16-19th

Sadly, Jimmy Buffett recently passed... as an ECU Pirate, I would say we lost one of ours...a Pirate.

The only concert of his I was able to go to was when I was a Freshman at ECU

The week before...
aka a continuous dress rehearsal

The Day Before The Race

1st priority was getting camp set up!
This mini canopy and 1 man tent took only about 5 minutes total!
Many come early and take stake on some land sort of speak.  This is essential during race time so your supplies etc are right off the course.  No time for extra mileage that does not count!

Family members of Bill Keane

Thanks so much!!!

It was awesome to see so many running clubs!

Good stuff haha! 
I tried to get my friend Justin E to try it but he just couldn't haha 

These tent set ups are really cool!

My friend Jimmy did awesome in his first Hinson24 ultra! He got a great spot too!  He chose to sleep in his car.  This spot was basically next to the best bathrooms too but near the race route for easy access for supplies.  With over 81 miles completed he would be GoRun's lead runner!

After seeing some friends and using the bathroom, it was time to pick up the race packet.

Feeling the presence of the legend Bill Keene...

Choice of a beer glass or coffee mug...  Since they changed the color, I went with a coffee mug!

Love the swag! The shirt was soft like I like it too!  Keeping with my traditional RUNNING SENSEI on the bib!

Jerry is awesome!  I hate that he was dealing with an injury but it did not slow this man down!

If you've seen my videos and been to this blog before, you may remember David! He ran with me and Jeff in my very first ultra the FAT A$$ Falls Lake 50k.  We have been friends and running mates ever since.  He would move up to the number 2 spot in all time mileage for Hinson24.

It doesn't matter how many times I've looked at this map.  I always check it out in anticipation or memory of this great event.  It's changed often.  There are now extra trails and even a Disc Golf Course added since I first started.

They Myers Family
They were amazing as always!  Their entire family did the race event and racked up some serious miles!! Jason would be the 3rd best GoRun member to endure this race.

John my barefoot running friend before nails got painted

Justin's first Hinson24a nd first Ultra!
He would be the 6th best GoRun member this race!

A closer look at the swag from Bill Keane's family

Common Eastern Velvet Ant

Justin Janice & Tim

Janice & Mark

Fun talking to these great folks after our novelty of the velvet ant died down...

After talking Justin into not using his friend's 6 man tent, we went to Wallyworld and got a nice 1 Man tent he could easily put up!  We got some other cool stuff too including 2 Bumper Plates for my gym!  We also ran into these cool peeps who also were part of a running club!

Me being a nerd making Justin take in the entire experience of Hinson24!

Justin would not only do his first ultra but have his first camping experience including  putting up a tent.

Great nurse and friend Amy!  She is almost always positive and a great runner!  She would be the 7th best GoRun member this event!

My new friend met looking at a bug haha
I love her camper!

He did it!!  Yes this is before but he did it this event!

Taco Pizza and a Miller Light Beer

Sort of the GORUN Tradition
to eat at Godfather's Pizza!

My buddy Rich always enjoys challenges so he waited until after dark to put up his tent! HAHA Yep he still got it up in no time!
His wife and him were right beside me.  I was able to save a spot for him.

Last trip to the bathroom

My wife is a mess.... enough said but yep that's why I love her 

Traditional Facetime with Family
Kam is thrilled haha


Protect your feet!

"Floater" Steve! 
1st time at Hinson!

John and his dad Andy

Tim & Bill

Jerry Tim & Jimmy

Kim & Rich

1st place I put my gnome

Tori & Stephanie
Mother and daughter Dynamic Duo!

Justin brought his good luck guy!

Thanks Bill!!  Got my friends Kim & Rich here

Thanks Bill for pictures!
2 Justins behind me!

Just really starting and feeling good but trying to behave!

1st gnome I moved this event

I love Peanut M&M's

5k in the books
I reversed my usual intervals from 6:4 to 4:6 run:walk with my knee issues....
I hated being limited but was happy I could run a little since I haven't done anything in 6 weeks running wise

Lots of neat setups!

I would find our gnome about every 4 laps...

10k in the books

Tori gets her first half marathon!!

Rich and I have done so much together from ultras, marathons and martial arts!

Hinson would never be the same without some mileage with George!

Tori officially named us "TEAM WALK"

Shannon's birthday gnome!

Tori found the GoRun Gnome again but this time we kept it to avoid challenges finding it since I wanted to protect my knee and stop soon...

Another marathon in the books...

This plus the banana lap in the morning made for my 21st ultra 34th marathon or greater in the books...

My buddy George!  Unfortunately this great runner is also dealing with issues but he still got 7.5 miles in!

Okay, I was really dirty but I actually washed my legs in the bathroom before returning to the tent area...

My stats at this time when I called it minus the banana lap in the morning...

After I called it to save my knee, many saw this guy!

Nice!  She was hanging out with all her babies in my beach wagon.

At sunset, we honored in memory Lee Watson who unexpectedly passed before this race...

You did it Justin!!! WTG

End of Race


Legend! WTG again!!! Dave!!

You did it Rich!!  3rd time was a charm! You were the 5th best for GORUN!

Special Thanks to all the volunteers!!!

I did manage to get up and do a little more...
Ironically the 2 times I have done the banana lap were my best (84+) and now my worst (27+)
Joining me here were Rich and Kim

Time to get out!

After all that this was liquid GOLD!
Venti Mocha (still not happy that they discontinued raspberry flavor adds)

Homeward Bound

Congrats to the Myers Family!!!

One of those great gifts from Gina

Orthopaedic East for a visit with Dr. Christen Hoedt.  I liked this guy.  Great info and options and simply positive vibes from this doctor.
Good news is that it's mostly bursitis.... but hmmmm  I still feel unstable so PT plan with my friend Sarah to figure it all out.  Dr. Hoedt did share potential MRI follow up if needed but the x-rays so far don't present with major issues.

Memory from 1986...
this was this week back then
15th 18:02

Final Results

For my 6th Hinson I officially got 27.1946 miles
Total Hinson24 miles = 375.9258
Total Hinson24 Laps=250
275th place/418/500

Top Runners, Running Friends and GoRun Friends...
1st Ken Bell 107.8
2nd Mark Craig 103.9
3rd Michelle Gray 103.8

15th James Patterson 81.2
16th Justin Tylus 81.2

40th Jason Myers 66.4
42nd Anthony Whitehead 66.1
49th Sandra Whitehead 64.6

50th John Richards 64.4
54th Richard Keehn 63.3

65th Justin Ekard 63.1

74th Andy Richards 63.1
76th Amy Campbell 63.1
79th David Solomon 63.1

80th Bailey Tate 63.1
85th James Bryant 62.7

111th Lucy Myers 51.4

120th Shannon Jarvis 49.6
128th Laura Owens 46.6

145th Steve Camp 42.1

165th Deborah Gardner 40.6

193rd Monica Sweigart 36.1

201st Eleanor Myers 34.8

237th Stephanie Hannam 31.6

260th Rosemary Baxley 31.6

275th Tim Garriss 27.2
276th Kim Keehn 27.2

283rd Scott Dean 27.1

301st Tori Hannam 22.5

329th Bill Weimer 18

349th Penny Cavendish 13.7

360th Elizabeth Myers 13.5
363rd Richard Lilly 13.5

395th George Wannop 7.5

Relive Short Video Experience of the 2023 17th Annual (my 6th) Hinson24 Ultra

Hinson24 Part 1

Hinson24 Part 2

Final Draft Not Complete so keep checking back...

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