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2020 South Mountain 50k

You see some friends sign up for a "glorious day in the woods" so you think "Why not?"  Who cares if you are only averaging about 20.8 miles the 4 weeks before the race and 8.7 miles the year before?  

You do a little research and see this really cool video and you are completely excited and locked into the idea regardless of the lack of training.  Here we go!!

Of course we need to see more details so...

At this point, I've already registered and there is no turning back!  Here we go!  To a new adventure indeed!!  

One of our training runs on a city/county trail.  Training is always easier when friends help you keep it fun and you accountable!!  Thanks team!

So on my 51st birthday for my workout I tried to get lots of 51's and I did!  The HR was by complete chance!!!  

Crista and CJ doing bridge repeats!  These 2 don't even look like they are working as they just keep a rolling and a talking effortlessly with smiles!

Nice crowd at 5am for our Bridge Repeats
When you live in a relatively flatlander area, you have to be creative at the gym or find a bridge or find the hilliest areas in town or out in the country.  This is a safe place in town that is well lit that we can all meet and get it done before work.

More running friends killing it!

Tony and Donna are 2 of the greatest leaders in GORUN (Greenville Organization of Runners) our running club as well as in the community.  Promoting health, wellness, and safety in a social atmosphere and beyond are natural and despite the hard work may look effortless as they are unwavering in their passions.  Special thanks to these 2 super heroes!

Mary killing the bridge!  Mary keeps me accountable every week to make sure I don't slack off and miss the Tuesday workouts!  It's hard to slack off with great friends like her!


Greenville Running Friends Matt Kornegay and Chris Coker!
Matt 52nd in 6:54:55
Chris 72nd 7:43:13
Thanks Matt for the pictures and videos!

Video cred thanks to Matt Kornegay!

Video cred thanks to Rachel Craft!

Rachel and I at the start!  Sadly my pictures and video died with my phone deciding to do a hard reset in the middle of the race so many of the pictures here are from Rachel Craft, Matt Kornegay, John Caracoglia, and Rebecca Phillips.  Thanks my friends!  You all rock!

72nd Chris Coker 7:43:13

61st Jonathan Fischer 7:18:39

I officially met this runner on the day of the race after being introduced by Rachel.  You can never have enough running friends!

52nd Matt Kornegay 6:54:55

41st  Daniel Holmes 6:36:35

17th Joseph Sutton 5:55:08

John Caracoglia finished 56th in 7:01:39
Thanks John for the pics!  Special Kudos for going vegetarian this past year!

Rebecca and Amber would rock the half here the next day but they took pics above on the course that my phone lost.  Thanks ladies for the pics and inspiring everyone!!

Many moons ago while running for ECU's Cross Country Team, Charlie "Choo" Justice taught me a couple of breathing techniques I incorporated during the climbs of this ultra.  He taught me these in 2 out 2 and in 3 out 3 breathing congruent with my cadence type techniques.  To further keep me going, I used a 5 count this ultra on the climbs using my hiking poles to keep in rhythm and focus of the traditional forward relentless progress to make every cutoff.  I can remember the clicking of the poles... click 2 3 4 5 click 2 3 4 5 click 2 3 4 5 and repeat...  this would truly help and I'm glad John Caracoglia suggested that I bring the poles.  They would be helpful later in the race in keeping me focused and for energy conservation climbing.  They helped throughout on all the water crossings to keep my feet dry as I balanced over the slippery rocks.  The last water crossing was impossible to cross without getting wet but honestly it felt awesome!  That cold water on my feet was great!  Now keep in mind the temperature was warmer than usual so I'm not sure how I'd like it if the temperature had been the usual sub 40's but this day it was great!!

 Enjoying the views of all the waterfalls
Thanks White Blaze Marketing for the pics!

My running partner for most of the Ultra Rachel enjoying the views!
Thanks White Blaze Marketing for the pics!

There were 600 steps as part of this course!!!

Rebecca and Amber running the half the day after

Rachel in the last stretches of the Ultra.  I can remember choosing to run on the shoulder because the road plus my sore feet did not feel good at all!  This road was about a mile long before converting back into a trail.

Rachel would finish 99th in 9:00:42!

Rick Gray 9:00:47

2020 Relive of the South Mountain 50k until my Garmin Died

The Finish!
Video Creds to my wife Gina!
Superman Rick Gray who congratulated me at the end helped me push through the last part of the course.  I had become discouraged thinking I went the wrong way because I didn't see any blue and white checkered tape for a long time.  I decided to go backwards and after about 1/8th of a mile I ran into him and Ed Marsh who both confirmed that I had indeed been on the right trail so I turned around and ran with them.  Ed and Rick had forgotten about the marathon marker cutoff until I talked to them.  At some point Ed decided to fly away and he would eventually finish 98th in 8:56:05.  Keep in mind that Ed is 72 years old!!  Rick was not human out there having completed a HUNDO 2 weeks prior and another 50k the week before, here he was again killing another 50k!  He would do much better than me negotiating the mud and rocks downhill to leave me and finish 100th in 9:00:47.

A Great feeling to finish multiplied with seeing the wife and kiddos!
I survived the to finish 101st in 9:05:26.  I can't put into words how challenging yet fun this adventure was!  

Here are some other times from running buddies online/Greenville etc.. plus the winner I've never actually met...

1st  James Weaver 4:37:58
17th Joseph Sutton 5:55:08
33rd Justin McLamb 6:27:03
39th Andres Fleury 6:32:39
41st  Daniel Holmes 6:36:35
52nd Matt Kornegay 6:54:55
56th John Caracoglia 7:01:39
61st Jonathan Fischer 7:18:39
64th Chris Scott 7:25:02
72nd Chris Coker 7:43:13
98th Ed Marsh 8:56:05
99th Rachel Craft 9:00:42
100th Rick Gray 9:00:47

Sam Adams Winter Lager was very similar to Blue Moon!

Carrabbas Italian Grill did not have my Italian Fav but they were kind enough to create it from my description!  It was a great reward dinner! YUM!

It's Amazing how much these awards represent!  The journey of training combined with the final adventure create a lasting memory!  So many friends new and old to make a great social.  How many other sports encourage the very same you compete against?  It's a win!

Love the shirt too!

2020 South Mountain Results

Earned a Garmin Badge!

Strava Climbing Challenge met early this month!!  It didn't even include the last half marathonish after my Garmin Vivoactive GPS watch died!

about 47 miles so far this year so planning on big year this year with mileage!  Based on my low mileage last year I'm lucky to have done any good running so time to go insane or remain the same!!

We stayed in a hotel afterwards.  Here is our mermaid Kamryn having some fun before we checked out!

Landon had the Elite UK Soccer Training scheduled in Mebane which was on the way home as we strategically planned... Our son is passionate about some soccer!

She had the Humming Bird Golden Lager and I had the Red Oak Amber Lager

After soccer we feasted again at this Mebane located cool place called Junction on 70!  We've been playing Qwirkle lately.  It's a cool game when we are out.

Gained 5lbs haha!  I was hangry after that one!

yep these shoes were history!  Meraki 361's are awesome but the trails were not an idea match! BUT... that being said, I did NOT get any blisters!! SO... now I'll be talking to my friend Blake Roberson about some trail 361's that have the same feel as these!

Heel was sore and I felt like my old plantar fasciitis was a bit back to on with the night splint!

On Ali's 78th birthday, I checked my weight to be happy that I'm not only back on track but cutting fat as I am now below 11% body fat again.  My fit weight will be around 145-150lbs so there is much work ahead!

The Reverse Taper!  I've only done yoga/easy going karate at this time but I've had several running friends already jumping on the miles and more!  I plan to get to that point this summer where challenges are completed with less recovery time needed.  So here we go!!

Next on tap!

M2M50 was cancelled due to Erosion etc
Hinson24 at the end of September
Pilot Mountain in October!

Let's do this!

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