Friday, November 29, 2019

2019 Annual Chico's Turkey Trot and Food Drive

The Annual Group Picture

Each year our running community comes together for this morning Turkey Trot at Chico's located in downtown Greenville NC.  I always enjoy helping with the food drive as well as seeing old and new friends before we all leave for our various Thanksgiving Celebrations.

Hanging out with my son Landon moments before the "Race" started


Phil is a Speech Language Pathologist and great runner and of course friend!

The uphill start...  this year we did a different course due to the construction

The fun run with Landon begins... we had to start up hill and add a bit to the course because of some construction...

The one mile point aka another one of my strategic photo opp rest spots 

Landon and I at the turnaround point near the park... we started with our hoodies but as you can see I'm carrying both the hoodies in this pic!  It was a nice cool day that was warmer than expected.

Cool pic with my son Landon, ECU XC Coach Choo, and Daron the beast wrestler now runner!  I'm hoping Choo is still coaching for DH Conley HS when Landon gets there!  Choo took many runners to the state level with a 6th overall men's team in the state this 2019 Fall Season.  

After the race, Landon and I took some time to reflect on how well he did without actually training  other than his consistency with soccer and intermittent karate and weight lifting.  He is really growing up and as you can all imagine it's more exciting to see your kiddos do well than yourself!

Anthony Whitehead is one of those warriors who were once slower than me and is now kicking my a$$!!  

As in all these pictures, one of the best things about running is hanging out with friends.  Matt is likely the most improved guy in the bunch advancing from 5ks to Ultras in less than a couple of years.  Bert is and always will be a legendary IronMan in my book.  Daron is likely the most fit overall as a wrestler, runner, lifter and all in between!

I worked with Marcus' mom at what was then called Pitt County Memorial Hospital.  Marcus would play basketball and lift weights with us old folk sort of speak and is now a doctor in hematology in Chapel Hill.  Today he pushed his child through the course!

Above his an Imovie YouTube video I made and the link below will show you the course etc from Relive!

Without a doubt this event is so much more than about the running but how the running community comes together as one to help with a food drive as well as simply friendships through so many years.  I look forward more than anything to simply wish everyone a happy Thanksgiving.  We are so blessed even when things seem hopeless.

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